Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beauty Tips From a Dear Friend and Some of My Own

My friend Amy has always (besides those few years in high school when we all had bad haircuts) been fabulous at hair, makeup, and clothes, while I am most definitely not.  It seems like she does it effortlessly while I struggle with not looking like I have a black eye after I put on eye shadow.  She always did our makeup and hair for high school dances and she will be the girl who makes me pretty for my wedding...bless her heart!

A few weekends ago I was getting ready to go out on the town with my girl friends and I was getting ready with Amy at her apartment.  She picked out my outfit, did my makeup, picked out my shoes and jewelry, and even though I pretty much did my own hair she did lend some moral support.  In my defense I have gotten a lot better at wearing makeup and "looking good" when I go out, but the truth is on a day to day basis I take a shower and that is the extent of my beauty regime.

 I was telling Amy this as she was putting on my makeup and she told me something that I guess every girl should know.   

"Just because you wear scrubs and work with animals doesn't mean you don't have to care about what you look like. "

Then I started laughing because the truth is I get peed on, vomited on, pushed over, jumped on, and licked all day at work and seeing me done up in makeup with my hair done in any of those situations would be a sight.   
"You know you could just put on mascara and lip gloss and it would probably make you feel pretty good."

I thought about it and decided there was no harm in trying to boost my mood in the middle of the week.  So I did a little experiment and I wore mascara and lip gloss everyday for a week.  And she was right - it did make me feel better.  Which is strange because I by no means suffer from low self esteem (those of you who know me can back me up on that!) but it did actually put a spring in my step.  It also inspired me to go through all of my makeup, face stuff, hair stuff, perfume, ect. and throw out what I never use and go buy some new stuff.

Here is the makeup I have been wearing everyday and a few other things I suggest you try.

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Your lashes don't clump and even though it stays on all day it comes off really easy when you wash your face.

Maybelline 24 hour lip color 

I got this in lilac and I love it!  It stayed on the whole time I was out.  I have big lips and I feel like this is an easy way to look "done up" without a whole lot of effort.

Nivea - A Kiss of Shine

This is the lip gloss I wear everyday.  There is a little bit of color but also moisturizes your lips and keeps them from getting chapped.

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter

I have used this since high school.  It is a great moisturizer in the summer because it absorbs fast and isn't greasy plus it smells like coconut - who doesn't love that?

Goody Spin Pins

For all of you who have long hair this is a great thing to carry with you.  They are equivalent to 20 bobby pins (I think) and so easy to use.  They come in a few different colors to match your hair.  Perfect for an up-do when you don't have a lot of time.

Moral of the story here? Well I have never been the type of girl to do my hair or wear makeup but that doesn't mean I can't.  So step out of your box a little and (almost) always listen to your friends advise because it will probably add a lot to your life.  Also as a woman I encourage all of you other women to have a beauty regime and some down time and some pretty things to make you feel great everyday.  Whether its mascara, or shoes, or perfume, or lingerie, or eating chocolate - whatever it is allow yourself the luxury.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

- Marilyn Monroe

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  1. I love this! mostly because i'm exactly the same way as you and i dont even get drooled on, puked on, peed on, etc... so i have even less of an excuse to not take the few minutes a day to pretty myself up!


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