Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting In The Halloween Spirit

Every new season I fall deeply in love with Martha Stewart.  So kill me....have you read her magazine? She is pretty much a decoration genius.  Her wedding magazine has inspired times 100.  But even more than her fabulous wedding ideas is her Halloween Glittered Pumpkins.  

I am not always the best at carving pumpkins.  
I usually cut myself.  
And I LOVE glitter, I would put it on everything if I could.  So thank you once again Martha Stewart for your wonderful, inspirational, and sparkly ideas.

Here are a few more decorations happening our apartment....

Of course a little candy!
I am watching Hocus Pocus as I write.
Have you seen this movie?  If you haven't you have to watch it, especially if you are a Sarah Jessica Parker fan.  She is at her best in this movie, as far as fashion goes.
Totally kidding.


  1. i love this!!! i miss your glitter inspiration:( XO

  2. Moe I will come and glitter your apartment anytime!

  3. hehe oh martha! so funny rach.. i found myself on her website last night :) she really is creative! i like the looks of your new place, looks so autumnly cozy. xo Megan


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