Saturday, November 26, 2011

Momma Kearney

Dear friends of ours are going to be parents.
Very very soon.
I had mentioned their wonderful news in this post.  Read it you know you want to.
Well a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking photos of Kendra, Andy, and their soon to be sweet baby boy Jaxon.

Kendra has become a very dear friend of mine.  And thank God for her (and of course Andy!).  It is the most amazing thing to see people you love start a family.  
It is beyond wonderful, actually.
I am almost speechless over it.
Which never happens.....

I can't even come close to writing how happy I am for these two.  
And I can't wait to see them raise this sweet bundle of joy.

But truthfully I am most excited about being able to babysit so Dan can learn a few things before we decide to have a family of our own.
He thinks a baby only uses ONE, I repeat ONE diaper a day.


  1. Hehe, don't worry, I knew almost nothing about babies before Mattimeo was born. You learn quick, and every baby is so unique anyways.

    Lovely photos :)

  2. Thanks Jasmin for the comforting words....Dan and I seriously know nothing about babies! Good thing we are not planning on having a little one for a while. Congrats on your bundle of joy :)


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