Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 At A Glance

2011 has come and (almost)gone. 
It was a year full of challenges, fun, love, worry, family and friends, and of course the day Dan and I got married.

We rang in 2011 with a few friends and then is was time for Dan to deploy again. 
So we said our goodbyes and I prayed.....A LOT.
Sorry about the somber start of our 2011 journey but I promise it gets better.

Then began the wedding planning free for all. 
I booked the florist, the DJ, found the bridesmaid dresses, picked out the centerpieces, and I did this all in a very short amount of time. 

Dan made a surprise visit home and I word vomited about every wedding detail that had happened since he left in January.
I think he got a little nervous BUT even with all the wedding talk we did have time to go to a
George Clinton concert.


Sorry this video thing is all new to may have to watch this thing sideways.

So that is us living it up with George Clinton and the Funkadelics. 
George Clinton never actually made it to the stage.
But his entourage was pretty entertaining.

Dan was only home for a short week and then he was off again. 
The silver lining was that he was coming back in ten months for good and we were finally going to get married.

The end of winter was full of visits from friends and a lot of girl night outs.
And by that I mean there was a lot of dancing.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in March. 
Which, to me was a huge accomplishment and something I am very glad I did (thanks to Dan). 
See this post. 

I had my 26th birthday in April. 
The dancing continued....

For Monique and my joint birthday party
(yes we have had a joint birthday since the age of 15)
we got the girls together and took pole dancing lessons here.

The photos from that are pretty scandalous.
Show I wont post them.
Don't judge us.

But here are some PG photos from the dinner and drinks that night.

 In April I also started this blog
and got to celebrate with our dear friends Paul and Leanna at their baby shower.
Spring flew by.

Dan and I were able to talk quite a bit but I still tried to keep myself pretty busy.
Andy and Kendra also announced that they were expecting.
Then Paul and Leanna had their sweet baby girl.
There was a lot of baby talk going on.
As you can imagine.

The begining of summer was full of wedding to-dos.
I finally got the girls to pick out their bridesmaid dresses, I sent out save the dates, and we wrote a lot of checks.

Soon it was my favorite holiday
4th of July

And Megan came home for a few months and we went to the beach whenever we could.

I brought my dad to a Red Sox game on the hottest day of the year.
That is why it looks like I have no clothes on.
Don't worry it is a tube top folks.

All the new babies in the family had their birthdays.
I strawberry and blueberry picked with my mom.
I was still filling my wedding binder
going home to Maine every weekend for another dress fitting.

Dan was getting anxious to get home.
It had been over 6 months since we had seen each other and every day was getting harder and harder.
But we both knew he would be home sooner than later.

The end of the summer brought my first bridal shower, a new apartment,
and a trip to the 
Newport wine festival.

The fall, I have to say was the most wonderful fall I have ever had.
I had another bridal shower.
Marquise surprised me for the weekend....

 ...and she drove a tracker.

My man came home just in time to get married.
We went pumpkin picking.
We also repainted the whole apartment.

I got to take belly pictures of Kendra and celebrate with her and Andy during their baby shower.
We finished up our wedding plans.
Our dear friends Sara and Tim got engaged.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with close friends and family.

Then finally came our wedding day.

Our wedding was perfect and more than we could have asked for.
2011 wasn't an easy year for Dan and I but it was all worth it.
We are looking forward to the new year and living a life together.
A boring normal life.

Happy New Year!

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  1. beautiful, beautiful post, Rach! What a year you've had-- and I know it will only get better from here! Loved seeing all the things WE did together-- I cherish our friendship so much! xoxo Happy New Year!


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