Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning and Couponing

A Sunday Morning Confession:

I woke up to a sort of dreary day, got the Boston Sunday Globe from the front steps, and made myself a cup of tea.  I sat at my dinning room table (finally moved in!) and started reading the paper.  I know I already sound like I am middle aged.  And once I hit the middle of the paper I

I thought about it for a moment.  Do I want to be the kind of woman that coupons?  Do I want to be the person at the check-out line that is holding everyone else up because of my envelope full of coupons?  It was a real moral dilemma, as I am sure you can imagine.  But the visuals I was conjuring up in my mind didn't make very much of and impact and before I knew it I had scissors in hand and I was couponing.  Is couponing even a word?

I know what your thinking....has Rach gone off the deep end?  Is she hunkered down in her apartment in PJs, with her cats and just couponing?  And to be very honest with you, that may be the case, at least for today.  I am nesting (yes it is a real thing).....having nightmares about paint colors and anxiety about whether we should paint the cabinets or change the shower curtain.  Its a phase (I hope) and as soon as Dan is home, the wedding is closer, and this apartment is painted I will return to civilization with my coupon envelope in hand.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving Out and Moving In

Remember the post about the woes and frustrations of trying to find a new apartment?  Well as I have mentioned I am sitting in my new apartment as I write.  So all the complaining paid off.

Since I moved out of my childhood home at the age of 18 I have always, always, always had roommates. So this whole only sharing the apartment with my husband idea is kind of throwing me.  And let me add that sharing a bedroom will free up a lot of space.  I have already made a list of things for Dan to do when he gets home...I know I am so thoughtful. I have yet to finish the painting or move all the furniture in yet, I am so good at getting ahead of myself.

In between the unpacking and the list making I have had a chance to fill my time with my favorite blogs....and lots of them about decorating, furniture, and paint.  You name it and I have it bookmarked.  I thought I would post some good finds on here for anyone else that may be moving and need some inspiration. 

This is something to start with as far as arranging a room and furniture. The Hand Made Home is a great blog when you need a little inspiration and she post all kinds of Do-It-Yourself projects  Another good blog to check out is The Nester.

Another distraction has been watching Jim Gaffigan stand up.  Here are a few for you to watch...he is hilarious and it has brightened the mood during this crazy time.

I couldn't figure out how to get that actual you tube video in my post....sorry!

So that is where I have been instead of doing all the important stuff like laundry.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life Keeps Getting Better

I had one of those moments, when you can't catch your breath or stop smiling that is just how good life of those moments when you wonder how it was ever possible to worry about anything or have a bad day.  It happens from time to time; when life brings you right to your knees with how blessed you are.

I have thought a lot over the past few days about the state of the world and about the state of myself.  Sometimes it is unbelieveable when I think where I am.  I never thought I would be living where I live and doing what I am doing, never mind getting married and starting a life with someone so wonderful...but here I am.  So on Sunday I ran the length of the beach in the warm muggy air and while I was running I was watching people live.  I watched couples holding hands with sand between their toes, kids with sandy wet hair wrapped in over sized towels, birds catching the breeze and showing off their brilliant white bellies, people walking dogs, people fishing, people living.  And I had a keeps getting better.

Sunday marked a day that all of us remember as a time where we needed to look a little deeper into life, to cherish things a little more,  and appreciate all we have.  Tragedy isn't an easy thing to come face to face with.  We all have tough stuff in our lives whether it hits us as a nation, a family, a community, or we struggle with it alone.  Life keeps it interesting (and sometimes challenging) for all of us....but it does keep getting better.

I thought a lot about the stories people have about 9/11.  Sad and touching stories that I would never be able to understand.  My story?  Well I remember where I was when I heard the news and which class I was in.  But my real memory about that time was while I was driving in my hometown from a soccer game and every single house had candles lit outside...I sobbed the whole way because I couldn't figure out where to put this awful thing that had happened to our country.  And I remember thinking that my generation would be stuck in this war and I would see friends going to fight for our country. 

I often think about all the men and women that decided to give their live s to fight for our country during this time.  God bless them.  Sometimes when I think about what these people have sacrificed I have to stop everything I am doing and just breath it in.  And like clock work I think about my life and the reason why Dan has been so far away for so keep this country safe from terrible things.  He is gone because of ignorance, hatred, misunderstanding, and greed.  I could never do it and that is the honest truth but I thank God everyday for Daniel and I thank God everyday for the men and women who give up everything to protect this country.

It is hard to know where to draw the line of the past, present, and future.  Where do we move on and where do we take the time to remember.  It is a idea I struggle with a lot because life does keep getting better.  But the hard truth is life only gets better because of ALL the stuff in the past...the good, the bad, the ugly. What I have come to learn about the past is that remembering is always wonderful and honoring something is always important...we wouldn't be the people or the country we are today without it. 

And I will keep getting better.

 "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C.S. Lewis

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Funniest Cats In The World

Well I have to just say this out loud....I love my cats.  Yes, I know I sound like a crazy cat lady...especially now that I am living alone with only my two furry friends.  But I have to share this video with you...its funny, mostly because Abby (the one who goes for the gold!) never jumps or does anything athletic. 



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane, Bridal Shower, and A New Apartment

It has been one LONG week!  I finally found time to sit down and post about the happenings in my life and a few photos for everyone's enjoyment.

I am officially moved into OUR (all capitals so Dan knows I am serious about him moving in...I think he is nervous the wedding will be called off once he gets home!) new apartment....only a few things missing, including my fiance.  Thank goodness I am all moved in though because I was starting to go a little crazy.  The apartment does need a little TLC and my fabulous parents and soon to be in laws have been a huge help.  I will have to post some photos soon but for now I will say that walls are being painted and cupboards have been cleaned.

Just a few new wonderful additions to OUR new apartment....

This cook book, The Fearless Baker got a fabulous review in the Boston it HERE.

The boxes my new dishes came in....

.....ahhhhhhh my new dishes.

In other news, this past weekend Dan's Aunt Jeanie threw me a family bridal shower...on Sunday....when the whole east coast was hunkered down because of Hurricane Irene.  Needless to say it wasn't the soiree everyone was hoping for but my mom was there there and my dear friends and some family, which is all that matters.  We did have fun even though the power went out.

My fearless warriors...they braved the storm for my shower.
So my parents bought Dan a power tool....   

I got a mimosa...
...and Dan got his naked mermaid bottle opener...don't even ask!

 And yes they dressed me up in a Bride-to-be sash and a veil....and yes I wore it all the way home in the car.  So that is my week update and I hope to be posting more frequently now that life is settled.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!