Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Time We Almost Ruined The Garbage Disposal

When we were looking for our first apartment together we had quite a few things on the list of what we wanted and didn't want.  Since Dan was deployed it was up to me to make sure most of our "I wants" were covered.  And I have to say I did pretty well.  
Along with the luxuries or our own washer and dyer, a dishwasher, a yard, a driveway, and a finished basement, there was also the added bonus of a garbage disposal.  I don't think either of us ever really had to deal with such a contraption.  But I was in love with it and would shove just about any food item down it.  Our garbage never smelled because everything went down the garbage disposal.  It was glorious!

What silly, naive newlyweds we were.

Eventuall things went wrong.  Like, everything was clogged kinda wrong.   The landlord called in the drain guy.  I was thinking the clogs were from old pipes, it was no fault of my own. 

Boy was I wrong.

The drain guy told Dan a few things we didn't know about our garbage disposal.  I am going to pass this knowledge on to you guys in case you ever run into the same problem.

Things you never throw into your garbage disposal:

- onion skins
-banana peels
- celery
- coffee grounds (I guess this is okay in small amounts)
- potato peelings
- egg shells
- artichokes
- corn cobbs or husks

How to maintain your garbage disposal:

- Run cold water while the garbage disposal is going because  the cold water it keeps the disposal from overheating
- Keep the water running for about a minute after the disposal is turned off to make sure everything has cleared the drain
- Throw and grind ice in the disposal occasionally and it will clean and break off debris that builds up on the blades
- Peels from citrus fruit will keep your disposal smelling fresh and sharpen the disposal blades

Hope that helps so that you never run into a weekend of clogged drains!

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  1. this is great!! i will share with the girls:)


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