Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

When I was almost 22 I found myself living 6,000 miles from home on an island, out of money, out of love, and a little down on my luck.  I would like to say that everyone has moments like these but I can't say for sure.  And the truth of the matter is I thought that life was going pretty good.  

Then God threw me a curve ball.  He has such a sense of humor.  
I thought I had everything pretty much figured out.  You know the usual stuff....what I wanted to be when I grew up, where I wanted to live, who I wanted to be, but most of all what kind of guy I would end up marrying (to be honest I never thought I would get married).   And God was laughing at me the whole time I am sure.  I had no idea what my future held and to be honest I still don't.  

Fast forward about 5 years and I am sitting in my kitchen in New England with my husband.  For those of you who don't know me I guess I should explain.  When I was in college I pictured myself single and driving through Africa helping children (or some version of this).  I never pictured myself married to someone like my husband (we are complete opposites...he has it totally together and I can never find my car keys) and living back in New England.  But I can say this....the life I am living is far, far better than any life I imagined.

As people we make plans...I think that is just our nature.  
We want control.  

If we get stuck in thinking that our past has the best of us then we are missing out on living the greatest life.  We can't simply imagine what tomorrow or the next day or the next ten years will bring us.  In my experience it will be better than anything we leave behind.  We just have to learn to go with the flow (excuse the cheesy line).

So to continue the story of being almost 22 and God throwing me a curve ball......I met Dan.  And we spent a phenomenal 4 weeks together and then he deployed for the next year.  
It was rough.  It was scary.  It was something I never expected to find.
Dan felt the same way (I think) so before he left I painted him a picture and on it I wrote
There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind
I just knew there was something more to him and I than a brief time getting to know someone.    

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  1. you are beautiful rachel anne, and your writing really captures that of you!


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