Friday, April 6, 2012

Six Things on April Sixth

Well in light that I am now officially a year older I thought I would let you guys in on a few things about me. 
So here is six things about me on April 6th.

1.  I danced classical ballet for 10 years (ages 8-18).
Yup I was rocking the toe shoes, tights, and the leotard.

2. I grew up in Maine, live in Hawaii for four and a half years, traveled through Belize, surfed through Costa Rica, backpacked through Europe, volunteered my way through Romania, and honeymooned in the Caribbean.
What I mean to say is I LOVE to travel. 

3.  I have to eat things like m&ms in even numbers.
And I have to eat the same number on each side of my mouth.
Neurotic huh?

4.  I love to sing.
In the shower, doing the dishes, in the doesn't really matter.
I sang as a kid all the way through college.
And now the neighbors just get to hear it.
Don't worry I am a regular Aretha Franklin.

5.  I never thought I would get married.
I pictured myself driving my way through Africa in a land rover helping children, or animals, you know something cute.
And as single as could be.
I guess you can never say never.

6.  I am "word sensitive".
I put that in quotes because I totally made up the diagnosis.
Some words I can't hear without cringing.
Some words just straight up gross me out.

I hope you enjoyed me bearing my soul for you this morning. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'd sing to you, but we all know that wouldn't be very nice:)

  2. Happy Birthday, my fellow word-sensitive grrl!!
    P.S. I love reading your blog! :)

  3. Happy birthday! I hope your weekend is awesome!

  4. rachel anne! i love all of those 6 things about you! you are such a beautiful woman and its about time you start catching up to me in age, enjoy this day of celebrations and much love to you! ps. ill spare teasing you with all of culinary word knowledge i know you love so much! xo

  5. Thank you everyone for the birthday love! Holly and Meg...I am glad you so fully enjoy my word sensitivity!


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