Thursday, May 31, 2012

a perfect saturday

Well, I am a little late on posting about my Memorial Day weekend....but here is is.
On Saturday Dan and I took off to Ipswich to visit Crane Beach.  
Since Saturday was such a beautiful day the beach was of course full {including the parking lot} so we took a little detour and found ourselves at Russell Orchards.
It is this phenomenal farm, orchard, and winery right on the way to the beach.
 Our friend the goat.  He ran right over to us and started rubbing up against the fence until I pet him.  It was probably one of the cutest things ever.  Dan is lucky I didn't steal the little bugger and bring him home.

 We did taste some of their fruit wine.  It was delicious.  You can bet that Dan and I will be back to Russell Orchards.  Apologies for the wings that look like they are coming out of Dan's was a stuffed bird behind us.  We didn't plan it, I swear!

Dan and I hiked the 6 miles of dunes that you can find at Crane Beach.  And let me tell you it was hot and hiking in soft dune sand is tough.  Once we made it half way through the hike we stopped and took in the ocean.  
 {We saw a deer!}

Dan, not only wrote me a sweet little note in the sand but he also dared me to sprint down one of the dunes.  I almost ate it about five times.  Naturally he took photos of the whole thing but I am only showing you this one.  The rest of them were way to interesting.  You can kind of see me.  I am the little dot flailing my arms like a crazy.

We finished up the day having dinner on the water in Rockport.  
The rest of the weekend was filled with good friends, family, BBQs, and of course a ride on the Harley.

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