Thursday, July 26, 2012

a day with my brother

{He has already told me how much he doesn't like this photo....what else are sisters good for?}

My brother came into Boston this weekend for a friend's engagement party.  I only see him maybe, if I am lucky, once a year.  He has lived in Colorado Springs for the past 10 years.   Between me living  in Hawai'i for school and then moving back to the east coast for work, there hasn't been as many visits as I would have liked.  Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have a brother until we are face to face.  It could have been years since we have seen each other last and every time it is like we haven't skipped a beat.  
My husband is an only child and stares in disbelief at our inside jokes, unexplained habits with each other {my brother lets me eat off of his plate, something Dan isn't so keen on}, or how we can argue and get over it in literally two seconds.  Those things I can't really explain to him because I don't really understand them myself.  Maybe you have to have a sibling to get it?  I'm really not sure.  But when my brother punches me in the armpit {not to hard, I promise} or quotes a line from a stupid movie and I just lose it...well that's something you don't find anywhere expect with someone like your brother. 
 I mean who else are you going to talk with about your hysterical parents?  Who else is going to remember that awful haircut when you were 8?   Who else is going to have the most ridiculous nickname for you, one that you don't think is strange but everyone on earth does?
We have dealt with a lot over the years and I guess that is expected as we get older.  I thank God everyday that I had a brother like mine to listen, give me tough love, advice, and sympathy when I needed it.  There is talk of my brother making his way home to the east coast in the near future and I hope it happens. Like I said, there is nothing like a bond with a sibling and it would be nice to have that by my side more often.


  1. Who are these hysterical parents of whom you speak?

  2. i love to meet a fellow bostonian. cute blog!!

  3. ahhh, I love siblings! I have 3 and it's always a riot when we get together! So glad you go to see yours! {and yeah for making jokes and imitating your parents, that is just THE BEST!}


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