Thursday, July 19, 2012

bar harbor: a place from my childhood

Bar Harbor is a place my parents brought my brother and I every summer until our teenage years caught up to us and we were too cool to go.  Even though in high school I no longer made the trek up to Bar Harbor with my parents, I still went up there with a few of my girlfriends to camp and swim.  It has been a place of beauty and most of all a place that completes my summer.  This year, as I shared in this post, I got to spend a few days there with my husband.
 Northwest Harbor is complete New England charm.  I couldn't help but make my husband pull over every time we saw a boats floating on the water.
 Lobster would be the one thing you can't leave Bar Harbor without trying.  Even if you get it at a place where the sign reads hot showers and lobster pound.  We ate our dinner by the ocean and watched the sunset and moon rise in a trade off that seemed almost to beautiful to witness.
Dan bought lemonade {and muffins} from every kid that had a lemonade stand on the sidewalk.  All of it was pretty awful but how cute are these little girls in their patriotic dresses? 
 Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  So of course we attended the parade and the fireworks.  It was a bit rainy during the parade but I still enjoyed myself, rain jacket and all.

If you ever have the chance to visit Bar Harbor you should.  This coastal town holds everything New England.  I could have had coffee in any cafe by the ocean and people watched for hours.  It is a simple and sweet place.  And even though it is a little late {it is still July so it counts} I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and enjoyed  celebrating it as much as we did.


  1. I. LOVE.THIS.

    seriously, your photos are so dreamy, I want to go! That one with the flag on the bridge over the lake is beautiful! Thanks for sharing sweet girl! LOVE katie

  2. Great pictures of a wonderful place!


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