Monday, July 16, 2012

our love tomato

When Dan and I got married and moved into to the apartment together, we had big dreams of making this little apartment of ours a home.  We repainted, bought furniture, and filled empty spaces with photos.  We had dinner parties and friends and family over.  Though we are still plugging away on projects, this home of ours has become something we love.   Once spring and summer came around we wanted to add the same love and hard work to our yard and patio.  One of our hopes for an outdoor living space was to start and grow a garden together.  And that my friends is exactly what we did.
Dan dug up all the previous plants and weeds while I followed after pulling them up out of the ground.  We bought annuals, herbs, perennials, and seeds.  We bought pots and new soil.  We spent a few weeks trying to get everything just right and anxiously waiting for our seedlings to grow.
On Friday I went out to weed and water the garden and there it was...our first tomato.  Bright red standing out against the green.  We had done it, we had grown our first love tomato.  I call it our love tomato because that garden was a labor of love.  It was one of the first things Dan and I have made was a first.  And we are big about firsts around here.

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  1. LOVE. love that you have a love tomato! And you are inspiring because everything I try to grow dies, haha. I need to start again. and PS- I made the fabric boards...I'll try to send you a pic, or post one on the bloggy! love Katie


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