Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the heart of boston

I absolutely love the city of Boston.  Though it is a little rough around the edges, the heat of July brings out the best of this city.  You can find crowds of people heading to Fenway Park all summer long; just a sea of red and blue.  Once you enter onto Yawkey Way you are filled with the heart of Boston.  If you have never been to Fenway Park I suggest you go if you are ever in the city.  It is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium still in use and since 2003 every Red Sox home game has been sold out.  That gives you a little insight on Boston's fan base.  This ball field is full of charm and you can just smell the American dream the second you walk into the stadium {along with beer and popcorn}.
 On Friday Dan called me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go to the Red Sox game with him that night.  The Boston coordinator from the USO, Leslie, had contacted him that day and told him she had received donated seats to the game that she wanted to offer him.  The USO has generously arranged quite a few wonderful things for Dan and other soldiers in the area; tickets to the Bruins and then they got to meet the players after the game.  And just last month we had front row tickets to the symphony on Flag Day.  They are a pretty fabulous organization.  Please check out their website {here} to find out the great things they do for our troops.  A huge THANK YOU to the USO for always thinking of our soldiers and always letting them bring their wives along.
When we got to our seats we couldn't believe it.  We were in the front row right between third base and home plate.  Pretty phenomenal.  I won't lie to you, the Sox did lose the game but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Plus we were on t.v., which caught me a little off guard since I wasn't camera ready.  Maybe you saw us and didn't know it?  


  1. wow!!! that is amazing! what a great opportunity:) Boston was the first city I went to on the East Coast when I was 11, and LOVED it. I've been back numerous times since, and I agree, it's seriously amazing! I'm a huge history nerd, so it's always phenomenal for that! thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. I love your blog! I am fairly new to the Boston area and am starting to love it more and more. So happy to be your newest follower :)



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