Sunday, July 8, 2012

a wedding weekend

So the hubby and I are back from vacation.  We had the most wonderful week off but are happy to be home.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I promised myself I would unplug {everything} while I was taking time off.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July!  The next few posts there are going to be lots and lots of photos from our vacation....consider yourself warned.

Just a week ago I was in Maine celebrating Sara and Tim's beautiful wedding.  This was literally the first wedding I have been in {well besides my own and the few times I was a flower girl}.  So it was wonderful to celebrate right by Sara's side and see the WHOLE day unfold.
 The bouquets were gorgeous!
 The bride was flawless.
The bride and groom.
Sara changed into the most beautiful reception dress ever.  She was stunning the whole night!
 I didn't take to many photos because I was busy dancing....see above and smooching.


  1. I LOVE weddings! You are too cute, and those peonies are GORGEOUS!!!! love Katie

  2. great post!! love that pic of the 3 of us:)


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