Thursday, August 2, 2012

motorcycle momma

I know at some point I have talked about Dan owning a Harley.  And yes I go for rides with him, leather chaps and all.  Just kidding.  I am not even close to having the proper attire to ride on the back of a motorcycle.  When I say proper attire I don't mean that I don't wear a helmet {full faced helmet every time I am on that bike!} and jeans, because I do; what I mean is I don't look the part of a motorcycle momma.  I throw on whatever jeans, t-shirt, and sweatshirt I have available and that's that.  
So. Not. Cool.

I have been trying to create some sort of motorcycle wear of my own but have been less than successful.  And I think I am embarrassing my husband every time I get on the back of that bike.  One thing I would love to add to my wardrobe is a leather jacket.  Maybe some leather chaps?  Still not totally sure how I feel about wearing some cowhide on my body.  So that has been on hold.  And I do have a pair of knee high black stiletto boots that I could wear but its hot out people.  So I am at a loss and I try and stick to black whenever I can {see photo above}.  

Any of you out there have any suggestions?

Besides the clothing problem I am having, I really do LOVE riding on that Harley.  I often picture Dan and I driving off into the sunset trying to escape the law.  Isn't that the only way to escape the law...on a motorcycle?  I never thought I would be the kind of girl that would fall for a man on a Harley but, my dear friends, I most certainly did.  There is nothing like driving by the ocean or on a beautiful tree lined road and having no confinement.  Sun on your face and wind threw your hair {not really if you're wearing a helmet}.  I know this mode of transportation is not the safest and I think my mom still has a panic attack knowing that all summer we are riding around on that thing.  But there is truly something freeing about riding on one.  I use to look at Dan like a crazy person when he would say things like, I have to take the motorcyle out for a joy ride or I need to feel the wind through my hair.  Huh?  A joy ride...wind through your hair?  It was like another language to me.  But after riding on the back of that motorcycle a few times I totally get it.  

Any wardrobe suggestions?  Anyone else love the wind through their hair?

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  1. Yo cool momma!! :D Regardless of your riding attire, merely being behind that Harley is enough to make a cool impression. But that’s just a bonus. The feeling of liberation you get, while riding this, tops everything else, which makes every ride memorable and exhilarating. Right? ;)

    Max Piedra


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