Thursday, September 13, 2012

me and the cats

Dan has been gone for almost a week now so I have been hanging out with the cats....a lot.  They are there every time I get home, waiting for food in their bowls.  And they have been keeping me company as I read before bed.  As much as I love having those furry little felines to keep me company I have to say they are odd little creatures.

In the morning you can find them here, on our bed and waiting to be fed.

Abby is pretty pushy when it comes to snuggling.  Especially since the weather has cooled down.  Dan is her absolute favorite and you can bet that as soon as he sits down she is in his lap.  Since he has been gone she has been snuggling with me just about anyway she can.  She also drools when she gets really comfortable and purrs forever.  Crazy little cat!

Brody, well he is a whole different breed {not really}.  You can find him lying on everything he is not suppose to or hiding in some sort of bag.  He adores my yoga mat even if I am on it.  He is a curious cat and often needs help getting out of whatever spot he has found cause trouble.  We can't let him in the bathroom because he chews the shower curtain and loves to hide under the bathroom rug {I have almost stepped on him twice}. 

As much as these two little buggers puzzle me they sure do keep things interesting.  And adorable. 

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  1. Aren't cats the best? Ours have similar habits...they definitely walk a thin line between driving me nuts/being SO cute I can't stand it. Lol


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