Monday, September 10, 2012

national yoga month

When people find out that I teach yoga they usually tell me how much they love it or how they are to scared to try it.  I get it, yoga can be intimidating.  There is a lot of breathing, sometimes chanting, and a series of poses you may or may not know.  Even now when I take a new class I still don't know all the poses and sometimes I don't want to om at the end of the class. That is the beauty of only have to do what feels good {as long as your being safe}.  I have had people come to my class and just hang out in child's pose for the whole hour.  To be completely honest, most people once they try it they LOVE it.

Yoga has a tremendous amount of health benefits.  Not only does it do a  number on your mental health and stress level but the physical benefits are wonderful too....just think lean muscle, flexibility, and a strong core.  My hope is that everyone will at least consider trying yoga.  If you are still worried about going to a class I suggest you get a DVD, try a you tube video, or buy a book and give it a whirl in the comfort your own home. 

September is National Yoga Month and if you go to the Yoga Health Foundation they have yoga studios all over the country that are participating. What does that mean??  Free yoga.  Go to the Yoga Health Foundation website and check out the local yoga studios in your area and you can sign up for a whole week of free yoga.  It is a great way to try out a new studio or take your first yoga class. 
Happy National Yoga Month!

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  1. I love yoga but I can’t join a class due to my job. Please send me some home yoga tips to maintain my health. I am weighting your advices.


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