Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ode to the sea

This past Saturday, August turned to September and it seems as if overnight fall began.  I spent the first day of the new month at one of my favorite places, Parsons Beach.  I realized while sitting there in the sand, breathing in what could be my last beach day, that Maine's Coast has been a place of solace for me my whole life.  Oh there has been other beaches, but even when I lived on the island of Oahu surround by the Pacific nothing compared to the ocean back home.

In high school I can remember driving down the tree lined road to the beach.  The car windows down and the air filled with Van Morrison.  Sometimes it was a visit to clear my head or to cry, but often times it was to night swim and spend time with dear friends.  Even when I would make my way home fro college for Christmas break I would run the beach as many days as I could and talk to God.  Again it was either a prayer or a praise depending on where life was.  

The ocean I have found has taught me to just be.  Whether it is an awful day or the best weather you have seen in months, when I stand before the vast expansion of the Atlantic something always stirs inside of me.  A place so tucked away in my heart that we had our engagement photos taken there.  It was right before Dan's last deployment and even though we were excited to enter this next chapter of our lives together the thought of him being away for a year was terrifying.  I think the ocean brought us both peace that day.

  So here is to the sea, a place that has nurtured my sometimes weary soul, kept secrets, and let us enjoy, laugh, and rest. 

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  1. ahhh I know what you mean about the beach...it is just BEST to BE! love it. I want to visit the place you grew up, seems so lovely, idyllic, still and lovely! and your pictures are TOO cute! love Katie


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