Thursday, September 20, 2012

the man spa

Dan has left for a few weeks which is always a bummer.  In light of him leaving I did get to accompany him to the barber, or as I like to call it the man spa, before he left.  Usually I am the one who is getting my hair done, making an appointment for a pedicure, or heading out for some cucumber water and a massage.  But not this time...

Since Dan was leaving he had a list of things he had to get done and true to form he had procrastinated.  On that to do list was getting his hair cut.  Of course he had left it to the last minute and the only time he could fit it in before he left was at 8pm on a Thursday night.  To my surprise he found a barber in the south end of the city who was open until 9 pm.   He somehow turned this into a date night by promising dinner and drinks afterward...I mean who would pass that up?
So off we went to State Street Barbers.

Boy I gotta tell you this place had me at hello.  They offered us drinks as soon as we got there {yes I  accompanied him to his appointment} and the whole place had the vintage barber shop down.  Not only was the music and decor fitting but the service was too.  Dan got his hair cut and then got an old fashion hot lather shave.  It was like man heaven in there.  Dan even let the barber put product in his hair.  And I have to say he looked pretty darn sharp.

Ladies if you are looking for something to get the man in your life I would find a place like this.  It is a perfect place to pamper your favorite guy while it still stands the manly test.

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  1. i love that you went with him:) so cute...kev and i love doing everything together too! but...unfortunately kev loves to go to supercuts, i need to find a place like this! thanks for sharing!! how's the week alone?


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