Thursday, October 11, 2012

a first as newlyweds

This weekend Dan and I had a first as newly weds.  We ran a 5K together.  Ya we run together on occasion and head to the gym together but usually go our separate ways once we are in the door.  Never have we run a race together.

Dan actually had never run a race before.  It was quite entertaining to see him smile as we ran past people cheering us on.  The poor guy stayed right with me even though he runs much faster than I ever will.  I also totally embarrassed him while I took all the free stuff.  What can I say I like free stuff...even if I don't need it.  Wholefoods was there with all kinds of treats and then some of the best restaurants in Davis Square catered the event.
Bananas, apples, and water oh my!  Plus they were giving away the cutest reusable bags.  Who doesn't need more of those?  Thank you Wholefoods!
And here we are post race.  Just gorgeous!  Not really.
I really love firsts with my husband.  Every time I think we don't have anymore, we always do.


  1. You go girl! So awesome to get outside with your husband and have a first! woo hoo, love it! love Katie

  2. yay! I'm a big runner myself, so I always like to get my husband out on the road with me. I love those first--and I'm with you: just when you think there aren't anymore coming, you find yourself in the midst of a new one :) happy weekend, lady! xoxo {av}


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