Saturday, October 6, 2012

DIY : dried hydrangeas

Drying flowers always seemed like such a hassle.  Petals falling off, having to hang them upside down, moldy stems and leaves but hydrangeas are a different story.  This is one of my favorite do it yourself projects because you don't really have to do a whole lot.  And as much as I like having fresh flowers in the house I love having those no fuss dried hydrangeas in our built in hutch. 

What you need:

-a vase or something to put hydrangeas in

What you do:

Cut the hydrangeas from the bush.  Try and keep the stems long, you can cut them to fit in the vase later.  If you don't have a hydrangea bush around you can usually pick these up at your local grocery store or florist {Trader Joes always has them in the summer/fall}.  Once you have the desired amount of flowers pull off all the leaves on the stem.  If you add water to the vase the leaves will get moldy.  The leaves closest to the flowers are fine to keep and can add a little extra foliage and color.  Now arrange the flowers in the vase cutting the stems to the appropriate length.  There are two ways you can dry these flowers.  If you want them to dry quicker you can simply leave the flowers in the vase with no water.  What I usually do is fill the vase about half full of water after I have arranged the flowers.  I don't refill the water and in a week or so it is gone and the flowers start to dry.  

Happy weekend everyone!

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