Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the greatest life

I thought a lot this weekend about living the greatest life.  We all have dreams and aspirations to live everyday completely but so often we lose sight of them.  I have a great life; a wonderful life.  But I know I could have the greatest life.  I could love more, smile more, and be more productive and patient.  I could make the change to go back to school and do something I truly love.  I could follow those dreams I have of traveling, doing yoga, saving whales, starting a skin care line, painting, being my own boss, having a family, owning a house, and making sure I see the ocean everyday.  I know I have the ability to cultivate all of that in my life.
So what stops me from living the greatest life?

I am so inspired by stories of people making the change and taking the leap of faith to live the life they have dreamed about living.  Everyday I have the same beautiful spark of inspiration and then it seems to be lost with my to do lists and responsibilities.  I know I can have both; I know that it is attainable to love your life everyday, live your dreams while still finishing your to do lists.  And we should strive for that.  At the risk of sounding to cliche we don't know what tomorrow holds or how long we will grace this world with our presence so we should always live a full life.    

I have talked about my big dreams before {here}.  They are always changing and getting bigger.  And I have realized that I am a dreamer.  Plain and simple.  The hard part is knowing how to live those dreams.

I read this passage this morning from Bob Goff's book Love Does.  I can't say enough about how it rings so true in my life.  I get stuck on dreaming and planning that I don't actually do anything.  That is what stops me from living the greatest life.  And fear...yes fear of having all the things you have dreamed of fall apart.  Slowly I am learning to take a leap of faith and live a life that I love.

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  1. Great post, rach. definitely hits home!


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