Thursday, November 8, 2012

New England snow fall

On Wednesday we had our first New England snow fall.  The first time it snows is always so peaceful and beautiful.  Its stunning really.  The deeper we get into winter the charm of snow wears off and the reality of shoveling and six months of cold weather sets in.  For now I am trying to appreciate this brand new blanket of snow.

When I moved back to New England it took me a while to get in the swing of what to wear around these parts.  I now have a pretty great outerwear wardrobe that keeps me warm.  So if you are getting ready for the cold winter {or maybe it has already begun} check out some of my favorites to keep me toasty.

 {coat // northface, socks // target, mittens // jcrew, scarf // gap, boots // REI}

I hope everyone has a warm and happy weekend!

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  1. ahhh I wish we were getting snowfall! haha...but there's a very slim chance of that EVER occuring here! it was over 90 degrees on Monday! but love this outfit! love katie


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