Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the first weekend in November

I love the beginning of any month.  It is a new start, a clean slate but other than paying rent nothing to exciting happens.  This month was a little different, we celebrated and honored a life.  

On Saturday night we attended SSG. Robert Ryan Pirelli 5th Annual Comedy and Entertainment Night {all the proceeds go to a scholarship fund in Rob's name}.  It is a night to honor a dear friend of Dan's who never made it home from Iraq.  I never had the privilege of meeting Rob but on Saturday my husband spoke so fondly of him and told me stories of when they first met and the time they spent together.  If you know Dan you know that he is a man of few words and he is not a storyteller {that's my job}, so when he does recount his past or start to tell me a story I take it all in.  We have been able to spend time with the Pirelli family and I realized that they have become such a part of our own family over these past few years; they always welcome us with open arms.  

It is hard for me to see the big picture of things sometimes.  Loss is such a difficult thing to wrap my mind around, almost impossible to understand.  And what I experienced on Saturday night was a family that supports and loves each other through and through.  They have lost something so dear to them and still they come together to remember him in laughter.  It is something to hold on to and learn from. 
We will all experience loss in our lives and there are million ways to deal with it but those who deal with it in love truly have the right idea.

On that note....
If you are looking for a way to get rid of your left over Halloween candy or just want to send some things to the men and women that are overseas here is a great link.
Operation Gratitude

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  1. Our kiddos are sending candy over to the soldiers. It is our second grade service learning project! We are searching for someone in the forces of some kind to come read to the kids before we package up the candy and ship it out--no chance Dan is around Friday morning!?!??! Should of thought of this before...you should see all the candy we have!!!!! PS. Call me if he is free. :)


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