Monday, November 19, 2012

two ingredient pancakes

 The husband and I have been making an effort to get our 6 am workouts on lately.  But that leaves me hungrier than usual.  Dan cooks up 6 eggs and a whole bunch of bacon for his breakfast but I can stomach that much food in the early morning.  The two ingredient pancake is what I usually make for myself.  There is plenty of protein from the eggs and potassium from the banana helps out my worked out muscles for the rest of the day.

What you need:
 - two eggs {farm fresh if you can find them}
- one really ripe banana
- anything you want to add on top

Mix both of the eggs and the banana in a bowl until smooth.  Pour mixture onto pan, this should make 4-5 smaller pancakes.  These take a while to cook and if you try and flip them to early they will break apart.  So give them some time to cook.  Once they are done add your topping and enjoy!

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  1. wow! i'm in awe that you only need 2 ingredients for this! i'm going to try this!!! wooo hooo. How are you sweet girl? is it snowing yet where you are. I WISH we would get a white Christmas one day, but I think i'll need to relocate for that, hahah! love Katie


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