Monday, December 3, 2012

the 1st of December

I had wanted to get our holiday decorating all done the day after Thanksgiving but Dan told me I had to wait until the 1st of December to get a tree and start listening to Christmas music.  Why...who knows?  Some kind of rule he thought everyone knew about.  And to honest he kinda had me convinced.  Maybe its one of those things like not wearing white after Labor day?  He is a very convincing man.  That was until we were driving home from Thanksgiving in Maine and saw just about every car on the highway had a tree strapped to the roof.  So we compromised.  I decorated the house with all things Christmas besides our beloved tree, I also mulled cider and listen to Christmas music.

We planned to get our tree the very 1st day of December.  So we headed out Saturday afternoon in full cutting down tree attire.  And it was snowing and dare I say it was....magical.  I almost had to pinch myself because I felt like I was in a lifetime Christmas movie or a Normand Rockwell painting.  You should have been there!
We search high and low for our perfect tree.  Walking around every single one to see if it may in fact be our perfect tree.  It turns out we are tree snobs and get distracted easy.  

Its misshapen there.  
It needs more branches at the bottom.  
Look at that puppy.  
We need a taller tree.  
I don't like that one branch.
Let's get hot cider.  
Wasn't our tree last year fuller?

Needless to say we left without a tree but with two cookies, a gallon of cider, and some mistletoe.  Ridiculous, I know, but the experience was as good as it could have gotten.  We left fully satisfied with our first tree cutting experience.  And we did head out to another place on Sunday and found our perfect little Christmas tree. 

Isn't she a beauty?


  1. oh my goodness, it's magical! ahhh, this looked SO fun and so Christmasy! Pretty opposite to our tree experience, haha! It was so warm we almost put the AC on, haha! I LOVE where you live and all the festive Christmasy things! I read about a Victorian Christmas thing they do somewhere in Vermont and sometime in my life want to looked amazing! Hope you are great girl!! love Katie


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