Saturday, December 22, 2012



I remember as a child going to Christmas Eve service at our church.  They told the story of the birth of Jesus and we lit candles while singing Silent Night.  I always went to sleep with butterflies in my stomach anticipating the next day.  On  Christmas morning we gathered at my grandmother's house.  First were stockings, then presents, and breakfast was somewhere in between.  As we got older some of us moved away, some of us got married, some had children.   My grandmother eventually sold her house and bought a condo.  Despite all the changes we continued to to fill up my grandmother's condo every year to celebrate this wonderful season.  While I was in college my grandmother stopped putting up a tree and Christmas moved to my parents house or my aunt and uncles.  But again whoever was in town would come together for the holiday.   Sadly a few years ago my great aunt passed away and then a year later my grandmother did too.  Traditions change quite a bit after that.  They evolved into the end and the beginning of lots of things I now hold so dear to my heart.   

Being a newlywed and making a life with my dear husband has brought on a whole new meaning to the word traditions. As we start to melt our old lives and new life together traditions are born.  Though figuring out timing, and whose family we should be with and when, and when to have people at our house always makes things interesting, we have fallen in love with making a life full of the traditions we love.  And so it begins.  But these times have become the my most favorite things in life and the days I look forward to the most especially this time of year.

No matter what your traditions are I wish you the happiest of the holiday season.  

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