Saturday, January 28, 2012

What To Do With This Weather

As much as I love that there is not 100 feet of snow on the ground, 
I do get confused about what to wear in this weather.
Anyone else?
Last Saturday in Boston it was snowing and freezing.
Tuesday it was almost 60 degrees out.
Then it snowed a little more.
Now it is raining. 
Talk about an emotional weather rollercoster.
So I thought I would show you some things that can be worn anytime.
And then just a few that I want in my closet.

1. Boyfriend jeans from Levi  2. Sweater from H&M  3. Hat from j.crew  4. Opal Applique Clutch from Mar Y Sol (comes in a bunch of colors)  5. Brooklyn cuff from shabby apple  6. Sweater from j.crew

I love all of these because you can make them work in almost every season.
I have a bit of an obsession with cardigans.
I would wear one everyday.
Plus they add a bit of color into my dreary winter wardrobe.
 As for the accessories, well if you get the right hat, jewelry, or clutch, 
you can wear them with just about everything.
And last but not least a good pair of jeans.
Who doesn't LOVE a good pair of jeans?
I have been dying for a pair of boyfriend jeans.
They are comfortable but if I want to look like I tried to put myself together I just put on a pair of heels.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Guy Razor

I use a guy razor.
Yup I said it.
And no this didn't happen by accident.
I won't lie I can't shave my legs to save my life.
Everytime I shave I cut myself.
Literally, everytime.

So I finally used Dan's razor.
Don't worry he knows.
And I got my own.
We aren't that kind of couple.

I figured if it is sensitive enough for my handsome husband's face than it should good enough for my legs.
For all of you ladies that are a tomboy at heart.
Or for anyone that just can't shave.
Get yourself a guy razor.

I have been using the Schick Hydro 5.
I will never use anything else.
That 5 blade razor has changed my life.