Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer lovin'

 Well it is about due time I write about what I am loving this summer.  I like to do a "what I am loving for {enter season} post" and I have yet to do one for the summer.  Since it is August I thought I should get on that.  First thing I am loving this summer {and every summer} is amount of sunlight...you can't beat five extra hours of daylight.  All of this sunshine and beautiful weather gives me a ridiculous amount of energy.  
Longer days + lots of energy = I am finally getting a few projects done.

These I have been trying to sit down and make for a long time.  Once it got cooler out I was able to iron down the edges and finally stitch them.  They came out wonderful!  And they look great for summer with our all white plates.  Don't they look just like these, Pottery Barn is a true inspiration these days in the Hunt household.

I am also just loving OPI Pink Bubble Bath color.
We all wore for Sara's wedding and it looked great on tan hands and feet!  I am usually not a fan of light pinks but this one I love and have been wearing it all summer.

Banana Republic's Timeless Tanks have been my go to all summer as well.
They go perfect with just about anything and they are on sale as we speak.  There are loads of colors to choose from and the best part is you can layer them with other things when the weather gets cooler.
I have the black Timeless Tank on here with a blazer {and skinny jeans with heels}.  Easiest outfit to put together I swear.  I also have on my Jojo Loves You blings!
Well I hope that inspires the rest of your summer.  The silver lining of summer being more than half over {how did that happen???} is that all the gorgeous summer fashions are on sale.
Stock up my friends, stock up!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

a day with my brother

{He has already told me how much he doesn't like this photo....what else are sisters good for?}

My brother came into Boston this weekend for a friend's engagement party.  I only see him maybe, if I am lucky, once a year.  He has lived in Colorado Springs for the past 10 years.   Between me living  in Hawai'i for school and then moving back to the east coast for work, there hasn't been as many visits as I would have liked.  Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have a brother until we are face to face.  It could have been years since we have seen each other last and every time it is like we haven't skipped a beat.  
My husband is an only child and stares in disbelief at our inside jokes, unexplained habits with each other {my brother lets me eat off of his plate, something Dan isn't so keen on}, or how we can argue and get over it in literally two seconds.  Those things I can't really explain to him because I don't really understand them myself.  Maybe you have to have a sibling to get it?  I'm really not sure.  But when my brother punches me in the armpit {not to hard, I promise} or quotes a line from a stupid movie and I just lose it...well that's something you don't find anywhere expect with someone like your brother. 
 I mean who else are you going to talk with about your hysterical parents?  Who else is going to remember that awful haircut when you were 8?   Who else is going to have the most ridiculous nickname for you, one that you don't think is strange but everyone on earth does?
We have dealt with a lot over the years and I guess that is expected as we get older.  I thank God everyday that I had a brother like mine to listen, give me tough love, advice, and sympathy when I needed it.  There is talk of my brother making his way home to the east coast in the near future and I hope it happens. Like I said, there is nothing like a bond with a sibling and it would be nice to have that by my side more often.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the heart of boston

I absolutely love the city of Boston.  Though it is a little rough around the edges, the heat of July brings out the best of this city.  You can find crowds of people heading to Fenway Park all summer long; just a sea of red and blue.  Once you enter onto Yawkey Way you are filled with the heart of Boston.  If you have never been to Fenway Park I suggest you go if you are ever in the city.  It is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium still in use and since 2003 every Red Sox home game has been sold out.  That gives you a little insight on Boston's fan base.  This ball field is full of charm and you can just smell the American dream the second you walk into the stadium {along with beer and popcorn}.
 On Friday Dan called me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go to the Red Sox game with him that night.  The Boston coordinator from the USO, Leslie, had contacted him that day and told him she had received donated seats to the game that she wanted to offer him.  The USO has generously arranged quite a few wonderful things for Dan and other soldiers in the area; tickets to the Bruins and then they got to meet the players after the game.  And just last month we had front row tickets to the symphony on Flag Day.  They are a pretty fabulous organization.  Please check out their website {here} to find out the great things they do for our troops.  A huge THANK YOU to the USO for always thinking of our soldiers and always letting them bring their wives along.
When we got to our seats we couldn't believe it.  We were in the front row right between third base and home plate.  Pretty phenomenal.  I won't lie to you, the Sox did lose the game but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Plus we were on t.v., which caught me a little off guard since I wasn't camera ready.  Maybe you saw us and didn't know it?  

Friday, July 20, 2012

happy friday

The weekend is upon us and to tell you the truth I couldn't be more excited {surprised, huh?}.  My brother is flying into Boston today from Colorado so that means we get to hang out which usually only happens once a year.  Pretty exciting.  And the rest of the weekend is up for grabs.  Maybe a baseball game, dinner with friends, or just floating in a lake or at the beach.  I haven't made any serious plans and sometimes I like it that way.  
I will leave you with this photo.  I have been working on finishing up all the projects and decorating in our little love nest.  I would love to show you a few before and after photos but we will see.  
I hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

bar harbor: a place from my childhood

Bar Harbor is a place my parents brought my brother and I every summer until our teenage years caught up to us and we were too cool to go.  Even though in high school I no longer made the trek up to Bar Harbor with my parents, I still went up there with a few of my girlfriends to camp and swim.  It has been a place of beauty and most of all a place that completes my summer.  This year, as I shared in this post, I got to spend a few days there with my husband.
 Northwest Harbor is complete New England charm.  I couldn't help but make my husband pull over every time we saw a boats floating on the water.
 Lobster would be the one thing you can't leave Bar Harbor without trying.  Even if you get it at a place where the sign reads hot showers and lobster pound.  We ate our dinner by the ocean and watched the sunset and moon rise in a trade off that seemed almost to beautiful to witness.
Dan bought lemonade {and muffins} from every kid that had a lemonade stand on the sidewalk.  All of it was pretty awful but how cute are these little girls in their patriotic dresses? 
 Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  So of course we attended the parade and the fireworks.  It was a bit rainy during the parade but I still enjoyed myself, rain jacket and all.

If you ever have the chance to visit Bar Harbor you should.  This coastal town holds everything New England.  I could have had coffee in any cafe by the ocean and people watched for hours.  It is a simple and sweet place.  And even though it is a little late {it is still July so it counts} I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and enjoyed  celebrating it as much as we did.

Monday, July 16, 2012

our love tomato

When Dan and I got married and moved into to the apartment together, we had big dreams of making this little apartment of ours a home.  We repainted, bought furniture, and filled empty spaces with photos.  We had dinner parties and friends and family over.  Though we are still plugging away on projects, this home of ours has become something we love.   Once spring and summer came around we wanted to add the same love and hard work to our yard and patio.  One of our hopes for an outdoor living space was to start and grow a garden together.  And that my friends is exactly what we did.
Dan dug up all the previous plants and weeds while I followed after pulling them up out of the ground.  We bought annuals, herbs, perennials, and seeds.  We bought pots and new soil.  We spent a few weeks trying to get everything just right and anxiously waiting for our seedlings to grow.
On Friday I went out to weed and water the garden and there it was...our first tomato.  Bright red standing out against the green.  We had done it, we had grown our first love tomato.  I call it our love tomato because that garden was a labor of love.  It was one of the first things Dan and I have made together...it was a first.  And we are big about firsts around here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

bar harbor: fear and God

Dan and I drove 5 maybe 6 hours to Bar Harbor after Sara and Tim's wedding.  It sounds like a long time but as long as I have a coffee in hand and my husband to talk with, the ride isn't so bad.  Once we got to Acadia and set up camp {literally}, Dan had mapped out our week of activities and on that itinerary were two pretty big deal hikes.  
Now there is one thing I should tell you, I have a huge fear of heights {I talked a little about it here}.  My husband is well aware of this because the last time we were in Bar Harbor we hiked Jordan's Cliffs and halfway through and had a melt down.  In my defense its not called Jordan's CLIFFS for nothing.  I got to one of those cliffs and froze.  Dan renamed that cliff Rachel's Ledge.  Kinda catchy, huh?
So Dan had us hiking an easier trail before we attempted Jordan's Cliffs once again.  We set out and hiked the Beehive {our warm up hike...ya right!} which, let me tell you my friends, this hike is literally iron bars stuck in the side of the mountain so you have something to hold onto.  Not really my cup of tea.  But once we got to the top and I was so glad I had done it.  
{As fearful as I was hiking it didn't stop me from taking photos}
 {We made it to the top}

I was feeling pretty confident that I could conquer Jordan's Cliffs.  So the next day we headed out and started our hike.  We were going along quite smoothly until we got to Rahel's Ledge..and there it was, fear.  Fear is a funny thing.  I have had fear my whole life; fear of not being good enough, fear of being wrong, fear of regret, fear of loss, fear of love, fear of tangible things.  When I really think about it, most of my achievements and bold moves were brought on by wanting to overcome some type of fear.  Where would I be without it?  Maybe not hiking on cliffs...who knows.  What I came to peace with on Jordan's Cliffs was that there is always a balance between the oh so comfortable and the fearful in life.  Fear has the ability to make you grow and strive for things that you otherwise may have missed.  I always thought of fear as something that would hold me back but I am learning to embrace it.  I am learning to use it as a stepping stone and open myself up to possibilities, incredible blessings, and living my life fully. 
{And here we are on Rachel's Ledge.  I wouldn't let go of the side of the mountain.}
{Here is Dan on Rachel's Ledge trying to capture what we walked across.  There was no way I was joining him.}
{Just another cliff to walk over....no. big. deal.}
 {See that little iron bar there?  Well that's is what helped pull us up on to this ledge.}
There was no crying {well almost once}, no meltdowns, and I made it to the top.  Have you ever been on the top of a mountain?  It is breathtaking.
 We sat on the top of that mountain and I thought a lot about God.  
 That beautiful landscape laid out in front of me spoke for itself.  God spoke for Himself.  It was one of those moments where you just can't seem to pull yourself out of it because you are in such awe.  God created all that out there for us to marvel and enjoy.  It is hard not to be thankful in moments like these.  Up there on that mountain with my sweet hubby left me only want more from life.  And out of all that fear a comfort settled in my heart that I would be getting just that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

a wedding weekend

So the hubby and I are back from vacation.  We had the most wonderful week off but are happy to be home.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I promised myself I would unplug {everything} while I was taking time off.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July!  The next few posts there are going to be lots and lots of photos from our vacation....consider yourself warned.

Just a week ago I was in Maine celebrating Sara and Tim's beautiful wedding.  This was literally the first wedding I have been in {well besides my own and the few times I was a flower girl}.  So it was wonderful to celebrate right by Sara's side and see the WHOLE day unfold.
 The bouquets were gorgeous!
 The bride was flawless.
The bride and groom.
Sara changed into the most beautiful reception dress ever.  She was stunning the whole night!
 I didn't take to many photos because I was busy dancing....see above and smooching.