Thursday, August 30, 2012

healthy skin


I eat healthy, exercise regularly, wear sunscreen, take my vitamins, get enough sleep {well most the time}; you name something healthy and at some point I have tried to incorporate it into my life.  But I realized a few months ago that there was one area I overlooked; my skin care products.  So I took a look at the ingredients I was rubbing into my skin {the body's largest organ!} and didn't recognize any of them.  Once I realized that I was on a mission to pay more attention to what I was putting on my body.  Why make such an effort to be healthy if you're just adding a bunch of chemicals to your beauty regime? 

I started doing some research and what I found out was pretty interesting.  First things first, there are plenty of all natural and organic skin care products out there.  I took a look at a bunch of these products and tried a few.  Sprout, Plum Island Soap Company, Pacifica {they do add preservatives but their ingredients are 100% vegan and they do not test on animals} are a few of the company's I have tried and they all make pretty wonderful stuff. 

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing beauty products:

 ~ do you understand the ingredients
~ how many ingredients are there
~ is there and expiration date
~ do they test on animals {this is just a kind thing to do}

To be honest with you I have started to think about my beauty products like I do the food I eat.  I have also started making my own products at home or using things in their natural form.  Coconut oil is an awesome moisturizer, green tea is a great astringent {so many antioxidants}, and sweet almond oil can remove my waterproof mascara better than makeup remover.  I hope this helps you in living a healthier life!

And let's not forget about the winner of the $50 Target gift card giveaway!
Congrats Sarah!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY : slate coasters

I have never been one to use a coaster but when I got married and moved in with Dan I realized very quickly that Dan uses a coaster {and expects me to as well} always.  I decided if I was going to have to use a coaster than I was going to at least like looking at it.  So I headed out to Home Depot  determined to create slate coasters.

What you need:

How to:
I cleaned the slate with a wet paper towel because they are dusty.  On the underside of the slate I placed a felt pad on the each of the four corners of the slate. That is it my friends!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

happy weekend

{dress // banana republic, belt // steve madden}

Our weekend started at about noon yesterday.  Thank God.  
I hope you are all having a great start weekend!

the hunts

Thursday, August 23, 2012

a giveaway

Well my friends, it is that time again...schools starting, summer is ending, and soon we will see the leaves change from green  to red, yellow, and gold.  Oh summer you go by so fast.  But I can't deny that I still get butterflies in my stomach when fall is coming.  Even now I feel like I am going to be starting school and soccer practice soon {even though I have been out of school for about 100 years}.  And I still feel the need to stock up on school supplies.  So what did I buy you ask??

{mara mi stationery // target}

Not school supplies, I know, but new fun office stuff and paper products galore.  Target has a whole slew of mara mi stationery and it is wonderful.  Every piece is simple and clean with loads of bold colors.  They have note cards for just about every occasion.  Especially for you soon to be brides, their thank you cards would be a perfect way to say thank you for all those thoughtful wedding gifts.  I really can't get enough of it.
I also may have purchase a lifetime supply...ooopps.

{decorative tape, framed cork board, sharpies // target}

I am not one for department stores but I love me some target.  So guess what my friends?  I am giving you a chance to win a $50 gift card to target so you can purchase your own version of back to school stuff {or anything else you want}.  Exciting huh?!?!

 To enter:
{U.S. addresses only please!}

~ follow my blog
~ leave a comment below with your email

Additional entries:
{leave separate comments}
~ blog or tweet this giveaway and leave a URL
I will choose one winner a week from today.
 Good luck dear friends!

*this giveaway is now closed

Monday, August 20, 2012

this weekend

Another weekend has come and gone and a beautiful one it was.  I hate to say it but I feel like summer is slipping through my fingers.  But it is not over yet.  This weekend was filled with dear friends, berry picking, and some time on the lake.  Perfect.

Most of Saturday was spent sitting on my parents NEW back deck, reading a good book, and drinking fancy water.  The original plan was to hit the beach but the threat of rain stopped me from packing up my fancy water and my beach bag.  Next best thing?  Well I ran on the beach instead.  I figured if it did ran it would only make me run faster.
 We spent Saturday night grilling delicious food outside with friends.  There may have been too much sangria and giggling but it was so good to catch up.   And when there is sangria and giggling involved I usually forget to take photos.  Sorry about that.
On Sunday I finally did some berry picking.  I missed strawberry season this year.  And my attempt at picking raspberries at my parents house was short lived.  So I picked {and ate} my weight in blueberries.  
It was the exactly what summer is all about....bare feet and handfuls of berries.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

thankful for summer

New England summers bring a lot of wonderful things and a whole lot of heat.  It is amazes me how cold it can be here in the winter and just how hot it gets in the summer.  I love the heat, my husband on the other hand doesn't like it as much.  I spent years in Hawai'i; a place where the weather, temperature, and amount of sunshine {I am not complaining, it was glorious} never changed.  Though we would have the occasional shift in trade winds or a rainy season.  When I moved back to the east coast I found real appreciation in every season.  

So here is what I am thankful during this beautiful summer...







And of course the thing I am most thankful for....

my husband

We have never spent a summer together and I have to say this was one for the books.

No matter what the season I try to remind myself to be thankful for everything I am given.  Sometimes it is tough because there are bad days but I try to remind myself how much I am blessed in my life.  I encourage you to do the same, because this my friends, is a very beautiful life.

Monday, August 13, 2012

navy and coral

{dress // modcloth, clutch // mar y sol}

{house, curtains // anthropologie, pillows // horchow}

Navy and coral is my new favorite color combo.  I can't really get enough of it.  There is something a little beachy and yet sophisticated about it.  To be honest with you blue is my favorite color, so anything that goes along with it I will probably fall in love with.  I don't think my husband would go for this color combo in our sweet little home...shucks.  But stay tuned because I have a DIY project {hopefully later on this week} to bring these colors to my back patio.  
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

an engagement and fruit salsa

This past weekend I got to celebrate my sweet cousin's engagement.  Though we have been bugging this couple to set a date already we did have fun celebrating with them.  These two love birds are just about perfect for each other.  If you didn't notice they are both pretty colorful.  I think Dan and I are the only ones from our generation that don't have tattoos.  So before any of us could eat we had to get a tattoo....a stick on that is.
Oh and of course after dinner there was cake and another sweet treat I made, fruit salsa.

Fruit Salsa:

All you need for this delicious recipe is fruit, cinnamon, and a little sweetener.  I used plums, mangos, pineaaple, whole berries, and apples.  First puree the mangos, plums, and pineapple.  Once they are pureed add the whole berries and chopped apple.  Add a little honey {use any sweetner you like!} and cinnamon.  I served the salsa with cinnamon and sugar pita chips.

Monday, August 6, 2012

red sangria

I am a sangria fan and I will tell you why; I LOVE having treats in my drink.  When I have a cocktail,  it better have some fruit or an olive in it.  I mean what's the point of having a drink if you can't snack at the same time?  I read over a million recipes {there are a lot of recipes for sangria out there} and finally came up with my own delicious recipe.

Red Sangria {serves 6}:
~ 1 bottle of red wine {750 mL}
~ 1/2 cup of gin*
~ 1/2 cup of triple sec
~ 1/4 cup of orange juice
~ fruit
~ sweetener to taste

* you can substitute gin with any other kind of hard alcohol or skip it if you wish

I start by rinsing and cutting up all the fruit.  I usually use apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, lemons, and limes.  Use as much fruit as you want, I use a lot.  Place the cut fruit in a bowl and sprinkle a little sugar {or another sweetener} over the fruit.  Let the fruit sit while you mix the rest of the sangria.  Pour the wine, gin, triple sec, and orange juice {fresh squeezed is the best!} into a pitcher.  Mix liquid and then add your fruit, juice and all.  Sangria is best served cold and once it has sat for about 12 hours.  Pour into glass and garnish with an orange slice.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

motorcycle momma

I know at some point I have talked about Dan owning a Harley.  And yes I go for rides with him, leather chaps and all.  Just kidding.  I am not even close to having the proper attire to ride on the back of a motorcycle.  When I say proper attire I don't mean that I don't wear a helmet {full faced helmet every time I am on that bike!} and jeans, because I do; what I mean is I don't look the part of a motorcycle momma.  I throw on whatever jeans, t-shirt, and sweatshirt I have available and that's that.  
So. Not. Cool.

I have been trying to create some sort of motorcycle wear of my own but have been less than successful.  And I think I am embarrassing my husband every time I get on the back of that bike.  One thing I would love to add to my wardrobe is a leather jacket.  Maybe some leather chaps?  Still not totally sure how I feel about wearing some cowhide on my body.  So that has been on hold.  And I do have a pair of knee high black stiletto boots that I could wear but its hot out people.  So I am at a loss and I try and stick to black whenever I can {see photo above}.  

Any of you out there have any suggestions?

Besides the clothing problem I am having, I really do LOVE riding on that Harley.  I often picture Dan and I driving off into the sunset trying to escape the law.  Isn't that the only way to escape the law...on a motorcycle?  I never thought I would be the kind of girl that would fall for a man on a Harley but, my dear friends, I most certainly did.  There is nothing like driving by the ocean or on a beautiful tree lined road and having no confinement.  Sun on your face and wind threw your hair {not really if you're wearing a helmet}.  I know this mode of transportation is not the safest and I think my mom still has a panic attack knowing that all summer we are riding around on that thing.  But there is truly something freeing about riding on one.  I use to look at Dan like a crazy person when he would say things like, I have to take the motorcyle out for a joy ride or I need to feel the wind through my hair.  Huh?  A joy ride...wind through your hair?  It was like another language to me.  But after riding on the back of that motorcycle a few times I totally get it.  

Any wardrobe suggestions?  Anyone else love the wind through their hair?