Monday, January 7, 2013

my first really good cookies

Sad to say but there are two things that I am really not at good cooking.  Potatoes and chocolate chip cookies.  I know what your can the girl not cook potatoes?  I'm working on it.  But the chocolate chip cookies hurts me the most because they are by far my husband's favorite. Mine always come out flat, almost burnt, and they crumble as soon as you bite into one. 

The week before Christmas we had a bit of a family emergency {don't worry everyone is fine now} and while my husband was dealing everything, I of course got to baking.  It was therapy for me to get in the kitchen and bake instead of checking my phone every 5 minutes.  So I baked and baked.  A lot of love poured into those cookies and I figured no matter what happened that day, cookies {and good cookies for that matter} would only help the situation.  

Everything ended up just fine and when my husband got home that night he found four dozen of the most amazingly delicious chocolate chip cookies I have made to date.  I can't tell you what I did different.  Maybe it was the mixer I used?  Maybe I preheated the oven longer?  Maybe it was the tiny extra butter I used?  I will never know.  All I do know is that those cookies didn't last very long.

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  1. Congrats on rocking the cookies! They can be tricky, so you should feel proud.


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