Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh colorado // part 1

This past weekend I hopped on a plane and headed to Denver, Colorado.  This little trip has been in the works for quite some time.  Months ago a wonderful idea was emailed to a bunch of us that worked and went to college together...a reunion.  Most of us haven't seen each other since we graduated {dare I say it...almost 6 years ago!} and it was due time to catch up.  Since we all met and lived in Hawai'i together you can bet that we live all over the country.  So you can guess that getting together isn't the easiest, but we did it. 

Plus I got to see my brother.  He has lived in Colorado for the past 10 years and we maybe see each other once a year if we are lucky.  So it was good to be able to spend Friday with him.   He drove us girls around and had breakfast with us.  Minus me telling him to comb his hair and eating off his plate I think he enjoyed my company.   We even talked him into hiking with us later.  He's a good sport, that brother of mine.
Our first day we spent eating breakfast at Luciles.  It was delicious and well worth the flight to Colorado...seriously.  We strolled Pearl street in downtown Boulder and laughed a lot.  Like belly laughing and pretty much getting an ab workout.  I had a thought while we were all walking around...these people know me pretty much inside and out.  And I always forget that.  You know those people that no matter how much time goes by it feels like you saw them 2 hours ago?  Well these are those people in my life.

Don't worry we didn't just eat and shop, we hiked too.
There are those times and people in your life that you never see coming.  This weekend was truly a blessing and a reminder that life needs to be flexible and full of "what are we going to do" type days.  Our whole weekend we did just as we pleased and got to catch up and reminisce. 

It is a beautiful thing to have memories with people.  It is a wonderful to make memories with people.  It is a fabulous thing to have people in your life that are worth doing both with.


  1. reunions are the ABSOLUTE best! I was so happy and giddy when I saw you got to spend time with your college friends:)

  2. I love, love, LOVE Boulder. One of my favorite places I've ever been to!

  3. So glad you had fun!! We missed you here... let's get together next week??


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