Friday, February 22, 2013

oh colorado // part 2

Seems strange that I was only in Colorado for a weekend and yet I still couldn't fit it all into one post.  Probably because having a camera on my phone isn't a good idea when there are dear friends involved, or cute fuzzy animals for that matter. 

{My apologies to everyone that follows me on instagram, you have probably seen all of these photos.}

The gangs all here! 
I would introduce you to everyone but we have so serious nicknames going on. 
So serious that sometime I forget what these people's real names are.

I really need to talk about the size of this phone.  Mike {that's a real name not a nickname} stepped off the plane with this clipped to his hip and well we all just about died laughing.  It was HUGE.  He had to swing his arm differently while walking to prevent hitting the phone off of his hip.  That's how this whole crazy weekend started...with a really big phone.  True to form I borrowed that HUGE phone a time or two and made up some pretty sweet dance moves.  It was actually quite addicting to light that baby up and and start swinging my hips.  There is a video of this that was taken without me knowing it, you know me just dancing away with the big old phone clipped into my pocket and I have to say it is one of the most ridiculous things.  Sorry you won't be seeing that anytime soon.

{Sorry about all the kissing faces but apparently this is what we do when we are together?} 

The girls spent the morning sleeping in...something I so do miss.   Then we eventually caught a cab to one of the best brunch places in Boulder.  After much debate by the hotel concierge we decided to go with Snooze for brunch and glad we did.  The food was delicious and the coffee was fair trade.  Plus they had a fabulous brunch cocktail menu.  Though we did have to wait for a bit to get a table it was pretty entertaining watching people and the snow cover Pearl Street.

We of course went shopping after.  That is when all the kiss faces happened {see above}.  It seemed like the only rational thing to do on a full stomach, walk it off and try on some clothes.  We wandered into quite a few shops but my favorite was Bayleaf on Pearl.  They had racks of beautiful posters size prints.  I have been looking for prints of maps for a while and they always seem to be out of my price range.  Not these.  They were crazy affordable and I ended up buying four and talking Marquise {real name not a nickname} into a few as well {have you hung it up yet Marquise?}.  It is the only thing I came home with besides a full heart.

Oh and let me not forget that we watched the boys play disk golf {frisbee golf?} which was taken quite seriously and I met my first prairie dog who instantly scrambled into his hole after I introduce myself. 
Cute little buggers.  The prairie dogs not the boys.

 The last night we all had together was a pretty great one.  We aren't typically the go to a bar and just drink together  type.  No there needs to be something else.  There were a few ideas thrown out there.  We started writing down ideas to throw in a hat and pick one which seemed like the easiest thing to do.   But of course the first one we picked said petting zoo {thanks Jeff} which just wasn't going to work.  So ridiculous.  We finally landed on going roller skating.  Let me tell you that roller skating rink was hopping with 6 year old birthday parties.  I don't think we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Marquise instantly knock over a 7 year old and then continued to try and save him by picking him up by the hood of his sweatshirt.  I saw the whole thing go down.  Don't worry no one was hurt but I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.  We were the biggest kids out there and pretty much the worst skaters.  It all brought me back to 7th grade.  I got to tell you that roller skating is good stuff.  So good I got myself a straight up blister and broke a sweat trying to do the cha-cha slide on wheels.

I still catch myself laughing as I look through these photos.  It was an unexpected thing to be with these people again all at the same time and I feel really blessed to have been able to spend the weekend with them.  And to laugh as hard as I did.  We all kind of became a dysfunctional family when we lived in Hawaii and I forget how easy it is to have that kind of support when your 6,000 miles away from home. 
A miracle really.   

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