Monday, February 25, 2013

the weekend

We were expecting to be snowed in this weekend but mother nature was good to us.  That being said I had prepared to do a lot of cleaning, crafting, and relaxing.  Most of that got done.  I finally deep cleaned our humble abode and gave Millie a bath, trimmed her nails, and I even did the cats nail.  It was like a darn spa day for the fuzzy pets in our house except they hated ever minute of it.  We also got a few home project done which I promise I will share at some point. 


{1} I don't think I have posted the wonderful Christmas gift my husband made me yet.  Well I love taking a tub and I am usually in there for a while reading a book or enjoying some wine.  My husband being the thoughtful man that he is built me a bath caddy so I could enjoy my time in the tub that much more.  Have you ever had the pleasure of using one of these bad boys?  They're lovely. 
And yes I have blogged from there quite a few times...

{2}  This is my new favorite bangle.  I bought it on Friday and seriously wore it all weekend.  It goes with everything, especially all the other gold bangles I have collected over the years.  Believe me I have one shiny arm.  You can buy it here.

{3}  Millie was right by our side {literally} this weekend.  She snuggled on the couch with us and ended up taking up more than half of it.  And we totally let her.  But how could you resist those sweet puppy lips! 

In other news I tried out my new champagne stopper which worked like a charm.  I opened the bottle on Tuesday to watch the Beyonce documentary {yes it was a long day dear friends} and the bottle was still bubbly when I opened it last night for the Oscars.  Buy one if you are a bubbly can thank me later.

Happy Monday!

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  1. MILLIE!!! I miss that sweet little girl!! and you and dan, of course!


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