Thursday, February 28, 2013

yoga and weight loss

{throw back Thursday // yoga teacher training}

I wanted to touch on something that I get asked about all the time as a yoga instructor.  Does yoga promote weight loss?  I get emails from both my students and readers about it and the simple answer is yes it most certainly does.  But I am just not a simple answer kind of girl, so let me explain.

In a nutshell, yoga promotes an healthy lifestyle overall, like any continued physical activity will do.  I know so many of us are looking for the secret to losing weight but the truth is you have to put in the time and effort to be in the shape you want to be in.  There is no easy way around it {except good genes}.  But even if you find yourself not losing weight doing yoga I can guarantee that it will improve your flexibility, strength, metabolism, posture {strengthening your core and back}, and most importantly relieve stress.  Since teaching more classes at the start of this year my own body has changed completely.  Have I lost weight?  Who knows...I don't weigh myself but I do know I look better, feel better, and I have increased strength.

I practice and teach power yoga {a sometimes heated practice} which is a more vigorous style of yoga.  It concentrates on core, strength, balance, and breath with movement.  On top of all the benefits I already spoke about, yoga gives you long lean muscles using low impact movements.  But like anything else the harder you work the more results your going to see.
Most practices allow you room for modification. This way you can challenge yourself while someone else in the same class can take it down a level. 

My husband thought this whole yoga thing was for the birds.  I think he even suggested at one point that it looked too easy.  I finally convinced him to take one of my classes to see what all this yoga talk was about.  My husband is in really good shape but he even told me after how surprisingly hard it was and how he didn't expect it to be such a workout.  He was soaked in sweat and sore the next day.   He promptly returned to my class on multiple occasions because it is such a good workout

Yoga has a multitude of benefits, one being weight loss but you need to find what works for you.  I think taking a yoga class regularly and having a healthy diet will put your body right where it needs to be.  It will work out your entire body and taking challenging classes will change your body for the better.  If your looking for weight loss in yoga I suggest a style that focuses on core and vigorous movements that will increase your heart rate.  Heated yoga classes are always a plus.  The added heat and humidity will make you sweat which releases toxins and make the poses more difficult, therefore raising your heart rate. 

Being a huge fan {and instructor} of yoga I really urge you to give it a try and you will see amazing benefits to adding it to your workout regime. 

For more info on styles of yoga check this out.

Monday, February 25, 2013

the weekend

We were expecting to be snowed in this weekend but mother nature was good to us.  That being said I had prepared to do a lot of cleaning, crafting, and relaxing.  Most of that got done.  I finally deep cleaned our humble abode and gave Millie a bath, trimmed her nails, and I even did the cats nail.  It was like a darn spa day for the fuzzy pets in our house except they hated ever minute of it.  We also got a few home project done which I promise I will share at some point. 


{1} I don't think I have posted the wonderful Christmas gift my husband made me yet.  Well I love taking a tub and I am usually in there for a while reading a book or enjoying some wine.  My husband being the thoughtful man that he is built me a bath caddy so I could enjoy my time in the tub that much more.  Have you ever had the pleasure of using one of these bad boys?  They're lovely. 
And yes I have blogged from there quite a few times...

{2}  This is my new favorite bangle.  I bought it on Friday and seriously wore it all weekend.  It goes with everything, especially all the other gold bangles I have collected over the years.  Believe me I have one shiny arm.  You can buy it here.

{3}  Millie was right by our side {literally} this weekend.  She snuggled on the couch with us and ended up taking up more than half of it.  And we totally let her.  But how could you resist those sweet puppy lips! 

In other news I tried out my new champagne stopper which worked like a charm.  I opened the bottle on Tuesday to watch the Beyonce documentary {yes it was a long day dear friends} and the bottle was still bubbly when I opened it last night for the Oscars.  Buy one if you are a bubbly can thank me later.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

oh colorado // part 2

Seems strange that I was only in Colorado for a weekend and yet I still couldn't fit it all into one post.  Probably because having a camera on my phone isn't a good idea when there are dear friends involved, or cute fuzzy animals for that matter. 

{My apologies to everyone that follows me on instagram, you have probably seen all of these photos.}

The gangs all here! 
I would introduce you to everyone but we have so serious nicknames going on. 
So serious that sometime I forget what these people's real names are.

I really need to talk about the size of this phone.  Mike {that's a real name not a nickname} stepped off the plane with this clipped to his hip and well we all just about died laughing.  It was HUGE.  He had to swing his arm differently while walking to prevent hitting the phone off of his hip.  That's how this whole crazy weekend started...with a really big phone.  True to form I borrowed that HUGE phone a time or two and made up some pretty sweet dance moves.  It was actually quite addicting to light that baby up and and start swinging my hips.  There is a video of this that was taken without me knowing it, you know me just dancing away with the big old phone clipped into my pocket and I have to say it is one of the most ridiculous things.  Sorry you won't be seeing that anytime soon.

{Sorry about all the kissing faces but apparently this is what we do when we are together?} 

The girls spent the morning sleeping in...something I so do miss.   Then we eventually caught a cab to one of the best brunch places in Boulder.  After much debate by the hotel concierge we decided to go with Snooze for brunch and glad we did.  The food was delicious and the coffee was fair trade.  Plus they had a fabulous brunch cocktail menu.  Though we did have to wait for a bit to get a table it was pretty entertaining watching people and the snow cover Pearl Street.

We of course went shopping after.  That is when all the kiss faces happened {see above}.  It seemed like the only rational thing to do on a full stomach, walk it off and try on some clothes.  We wandered into quite a few shops but my favorite was Bayleaf on Pearl.  They had racks of beautiful posters size prints.  I have been looking for prints of maps for a while and they always seem to be out of my price range.  Not these.  They were crazy affordable and I ended up buying four and talking Marquise {real name not a nickname} into a few as well {have you hung it up yet Marquise?}.  It is the only thing I came home with besides a full heart.

Oh and let me not forget that we watched the boys play disk golf {frisbee golf?} which was taken quite seriously and I met my first prairie dog who instantly scrambled into his hole after I introduce myself. 
Cute little buggers.  The prairie dogs not the boys.

 The last night we all had together was a pretty great one.  We aren't typically the go to a bar and just drink together  type.  No there needs to be something else.  There were a few ideas thrown out there.  We started writing down ideas to throw in a hat and pick one which seemed like the easiest thing to do.   But of course the first one we picked said petting zoo {thanks Jeff} which just wasn't going to work.  So ridiculous.  We finally landed on going roller skating.  Let me tell you that roller skating rink was hopping with 6 year old birthday parties.  I don't think we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Marquise instantly knock over a 7 year old and then continued to try and save him by picking him up by the hood of his sweatshirt.  I saw the whole thing go down.  Don't worry no one was hurt but I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.  We were the biggest kids out there and pretty much the worst skaters.  It all brought me back to 7th grade.  I got to tell you that roller skating is good stuff.  So good I got myself a straight up blister and broke a sweat trying to do the cha-cha slide on wheels.

I still catch myself laughing as I look through these photos.  It was an unexpected thing to be with these people again all at the same time and I feel really blessed to have been able to spend the weekend with them.  And to laugh as hard as I did.  We all kind of became a dysfunctional family when we lived in Hawaii and I forget how easy it is to have that kind of support when your 6,000 miles away from home. 
A miracle really.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

real life

Dan and I have struck gold on the real life part of marriage.  And what I mean by that is our whole first year of marriage was like happy hour.  We were finally together after years of being apart.  Our first year of marriage was more than wonderful and we celebrated it all the time.  So rolling into our second year I worried that things wouldn't be so magical.  Dan's work and school load got more serious, I took to teaching more yoga classes, and we actually got snow this winter which causes a stress all its own.

Real life set in. 

But I have to tell you this whole marriage thing just gets better and better with time.  Kind of like a good wine...right?  We know each other much better and we have a sort of rhythm in our day to day life.  And anyone that can put up with my array of crap has to be in it for the long haul and somewhat enjoy my company.  I hate cleaning off the stove after I cook, I make him watch new made up dance moves at 7 am {and no I am not a dancer...there is no reason for me to do this}, and I redecorate our house just about every week.  I could potentially drive a man crazy but Dan, he's different.  I am learning that more and more.  He has the patience of a saint I tell you!

I had a dream this past weekend that I was married to someone else.  One of those dreams that seems real.  My stomach was sick at the thought of being married to anyone but my husband.  Literally my whole dream was fretting about how I was going to get out of this marriage so I could marry Dan.  It was an awful feeling and I woke up with a sigh of relief.  I hate dreams like that but it was a good token of the things I want and have in my life.  Needless to say I did extra dance moves that morning out of pure thankfulness.

The moral of the story?  Don't worry I am getting to that. 

Marital bliss isn't going to hang around forever.  Oh I am sure it will come and go.  Life gets real and there is stress, long days, and cold showers because your hubby stayed in there way to long but you have to always be thankful.  Dan and I have decided to date each other for the rest of our lives, not be just married but enjoy each others company and always appreciate our real life.  Oh and we laugh a lot...that always seems to help.  I thank God for blessing us with the life we have, especially on those tough days.  When life gets real I just think back to the wedding vows we wrote each other and I remind myself I said yes to the good, the bad, the ugly.  And believe me friends, things can get ugly. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

oh colorado // part 1

This past weekend I hopped on a plane and headed to Denver, Colorado.  This little trip has been in the works for quite some time.  Months ago a wonderful idea was emailed to a bunch of us that worked and went to college together...a reunion.  Most of us haven't seen each other since we graduated {dare I say it...almost 6 years ago!} and it was due time to catch up.  Since we all met and lived in Hawai'i together you can bet that we live all over the country.  So you can guess that getting together isn't the easiest, but we did it. 

Plus I got to see my brother.  He has lived in Colorado for the past 10 years and we maybe see each other once a year if we are lucky.  So it was good to be able to spend Friday with him.   He drove us girls around and had breakfast with us.  Minus me telling him to comb his hair and eating off his plate I think he enjoyed my company.   We even talked him into hiking with us later.  He's a good sport, that brother of mine.
Our first day we spent eating breakfast at Luciles.  It was delicious and well worth the flight to Colorado...seriously.  We strolled Pearl street in downtown Boulder and laughed a lot.  Like belly laughing and pretty much getting an ab workout.  I had a thought while we were all walking around...these people know me pretty much inside and out.  And I always forget that.  You know those people that no matter how much time goes by it feels like you saw them 2 hours ago?  Well these are those people in my life.

Don't worry we didn't just eat and shop, we hiked too.
There are those times and people in your life that you never see coming.  This weekend was truly a blessing and a reminder that life needs to be flexible and full of "what are we going to do" type days.  Our whole weekend we did just as we pleased and got to catch up and reminisce. 

It is a beautiful thing to have memories with people.  It is a wonderful to make memories with people.  It is a fabulous thing to have people in your life that are worth doing both with.

Monday, February 11, 2013

dan's favorite pasta

Well I apologize for the lack of posts my dear readers.  I have traveled to Colorado and back, photos galore tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought I would share a few things about my Valentine.  Starting with the first meal I ever made Dan, that soon turned into his favorite.  We call it Dan's Favorite Pasta around these parts...catchy isn't it?

Dan's Favorite Pasta

1 13.25oz box of whole wheat rigatoni or penne pasta
2 fresh tomato
4-6 cups of spinach
 extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp basil
2 tsp oregano
fresh grated parmesan
fresh mozzarella
salt and pepper to taste

Start boiling water, once it boils add pasta.  In a sauce pan add your olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Chop the tomatoes and rinse the spinach, then add both to the sauce pan.  Sautee vegetables on low.  Once your pasta is cooked drain and add to the vegetables.  Add your spices and cheese.  Mix all together and cook for another 5 minutes until cheese is melted.  Serve immediately.

Feel free to add more cheese or spices.  Sometimes we even get a little crazy and add grilled chicken or shrimp to the mix.  It is the perfect meal to serve with a salad and wine.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

homemade dog treats

We've been pretty busy lately and along with the craziness of life Dan has also just started his spring semester back at school.   This weekend we made no plans and were able to catch up on some projects, do our excessive amounts of laundry, and I got my cook on.  Along with a whole bunch of healthy clean eating recipes {I'll share soon!}, I also baked Millie some healthy dog treats.

What you need:

2 1/4 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup of all natural peanut butter
1/2 cup of 100% pure pumpkin
2 farm fresh eggs
1 cup low-fat milk

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.   Mix together the peanut butter, pumpkin, eggs, and milk.  Slowly stir in the flour.  Once mixed well place the dough on a floured surface.  Roll out dough until 1/4" thick.  You can use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes or simply roll dough into balls and flatten {like the photo above}.  Place your dog treats on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until lightly brown.  Let treats cool and place in an airtight container.

Millie was doing puppy dance moves for these all day.

And her newest move?  Well crawling under the bed and taking a nap...usually with the cats.

Friday, February 1, 2013

naked yoga // just another funny story

When I was in junior high my mom brought my brother and I shopping for a birthday present for my grandmother's upcoming birthday.  We were browsing through the VHS section in a record/music store in the mall because my grandmother had wanted to start doing yoga in the comfort of her own home.  So we started looking through all the yoga videos to find just the right one.  and what did my brother and I stumble across?  well of course the only naked yoga video on the shelf.  The giggles took over and I think by the time my mom figured out what we had found we were rolling on the floor laughing. 

Now at the ripe young age of 13 the Fabio looking character on the front cover of this video was forever imprinted in my brain, as well the look on my mother's face that soon had her laughing in the middle of the video store.  I remember thinking people do this? Strip down and strike a pose?  We convinced my mom to buy the video for my grandmother {as a joke of course} and a few others....or at least I thought.

A few years ago my grandmother sadly passed and after her memorial service we all got together and spoke of kind memories and poured over photo albums.  I mentioned how sassy I thought grandmother was for rocking the naked yoga as a senior citizen.  Which was true...more power to you gram!  But everyone sort of just stared wide eyed at me trying to wrap their minds around why gram would be participating in such an exercise .  That was until my mom said, "What are you talking about?!"

At that, I recounted my memory of the video store and how I swore up and down my mom bought my grandmother the naked yoga VHS.  Well my whole family was laughing so hard there were tears and I realized my memory had done me wrong.  I had spent years thinking my grandmother was keeping fit with naked yoga.

My grandmother was one of my favorite people in the world and I am often reminded of her.  So when I came across an article about how naked yoga is making a come back I couldn't help but smile.  And yes it is totally a real thing....its all the rage these days!  Oh gram, I don't care what anyone says, I am pretty sure doing yoga in the buff would have totally been your thing.

Happy Friday everyone!