Wednesday, January 29, 2014

healthy living // your body on food

My goal with clean eating was to cut a lot of sugars, simple carbs, and fillers in my diet, keep my blood sugar steady, and have more energy.  And again taking that nutrition class really focused me in the right direct.  The science behind nutrition can get pretty heavy but here are a few important things I took away from the nutrition class. 

Getting enough calories

It seems simple enough, but once you take all the calories out from fillers and sugars you have a big old calorie space to fill.  Think about it this way...1,000 calories of ice cream is probably pretty easy to eat but 1,000 calories of spinach, not so much.  Your body ultimately wants to reach a state of equilibrium.  If your not eating enough your body is going to figure out how to get what it needs and then store some for later, and if your eating too much then all that extra sustenance is going somewhere.  So eating the right amount of calories and eating the correct food is going to bring the body to a more steady and happy state.  But remember caloric needs are different for everyone, so I encourage you to take a class, ask your doctor, and do some research to figure out what makes sense for your gender, height, weight, and activity level. 

So you may be asking yourself how I accomplish getting enough of the right calories in my day?  Well, my diet consists of four square meals a day.  Each of these four meals {and believe me, I say four meals but some days it just doesn't happen} I make sure I am getting enough calories from protein, starch {carbs}, fat, and veggies/fruits.  All of those things you will find on my plate.  Hopefully, someday, I will get around to posting a few staple recipes but for now making sure your diet is well rounded, clean, and healthy is going to make such a difference in your lifestyle.  And if anything else make sure you're eating fruits and veggies.  They add loads of fiber and nutrients to your diet and they so important to a balanced diet.

Keeping blood sugar steady

This goes hand in hand with the eating enough calories.  Not only do you want to ditch all the extra sugars and simple carbohydrates in your diet but you also want to make sure that your blood sugar doesn't crash because your not eating enough.  When I took sugar out of my diet I soon realize how much it was messes with my system.  My body especially loves the no sugar thing because it doesn't send my blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride.  If you intake sugar it sends your blood sugar through a very high point and then a very low point, once you hit that low your body wants to raise that blood sugar and you end up craving something typically unhealthy.  You know that energy dip you have in the afternoon that leaves you hankering for something unhealthy?  Making sure you're eating something healthy right before that craving hits {oh like around 3pm} is going to make a huge difference in the long run.  If your eating consistently and keeping your food healthy, your blood sugar should stay pretty level during the day and you can skip out on all those crazy cravings you get when your super hungry.  Like those days you hit the grocery store starving and end up buying all kinds of foods you usually wouldn't?  Well next time bring a snack with you and I can almost guarantee your cart will be full of healthy options.

Hope this helps sweet friends!  Questions/comments/experiences???  Let me have them!


  1. I am SO wanting to eliminate sugar from my diet!! Did you do it cold turkey or by removing things from your diet?? And what nutrition class did you take? ? Hmmm, I might want to take one too!

  2. I cut back on sugar (by a lot) over the summer and it was amazing, but also showed me I needed to start eating more protein and other foods like that to keep me full and keep me from losing weight and giving me energy for my workouts and teaching. Sadly, the sweets have creeped back in, but still not as bad as before. *sigh* it's always a battle! I'd love to take a nutrition class.


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