Wednesday, January 8, 2014

sometimes less is more

I love putting together and wrapping gifts.  It's one of the things I look forward to during the holidays; putting on Christmas music and hauling out all of my wrapping supplies.  I usually have rolls and rolls of paper {all with glitter on them} and bows galore, but this year I kept things simple.  Such a nice word, isn't it?  Simple. This year all that wrapped these gifts were brown postal paper, gift tags, and of course, gold ribbon. 

This holiday season and moving into the New Year has reminded me over and over again that sometimes less is more.  It's easy to see it in tangible things, especially around Christmas time.  But the choice is there in everything we do.  More doesn't always mean better.  More doesn't always satisfy.  More doesn't always solve the problem or give you the answer.  I tend to put more and more on my plate and want more and more in return, but the truth is, it leaves me exhausted.  More often than not, simple does the trick.  As 2014 begins I have started asking myself is more really the right way to go?  Sometimes it is, and sometimes less will leave you much happier and a little lighter.

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