Tuesday, February 4, 2014

healthy living // drink more water


I know we've all heard it over and over but staying hydrated is key to keeping your body healthy.  When dehydration sets in it can do a number on you and your insides, energy level, and not to mention your skin. The only way to prevent that is to replace the fluids that you lose everyday.  Though you can stay hydrated drinking all kinds of things, water is by far the healthiest choice.

There loads of benefits to drinking enough water, benefits that will make such a difference. First off,  water helps your body flush waste and toxins, that alone should get you chugging some water.  All that water is going to keep your organs running healthy especially your biggest organ, your skin.  Your skin is going to love when your hydrated and it's going to look healthier too.  Not to mention you're going to have a lot more energy.  This is really important if your active, there's nothing worse than being dehydrated while you're trying to get a workout in.  Energy levels will drop and your body isn't going to preform like it usually does.

I know it's harder for me to drink water in the winter because I would rather have a hot cup of green tea but with all the dry air from heat, this is the season when it's really important to make sure your drinking a plenty of water.  It can also help with preventing colds and the flu.  Viruses attach to dry surfaces and replicate but if you're staying hydrated it makes it harder for viruses to take hold.

And if those reasons don't convince you to add a little water to you day, than maybe this will.  Did you know that sometimes feeling hungry is really our body telling us we need to hydrate?  That means keeping up on your water intake could potential help with mindless eating.  And everybody likes that.  

The daily recommendation of water is 64 ounces {eight 8 ounce glasses} but if your exercising you need to increase that amount.  I try to drink 90-100 ounces of water a day especially on the days I am working out.  If you find it hard to add more water into diet I would suggests drinking a glass of water in the morning and one before bed {on top of what you're already drinking}.  This way your at least adding in two extra glasses.  Or if you're someone who thinks water is boring maybe try adding some mint, cucumber, or lemon to your water.  You'll be surprise how much more appealing a glass of water is with something in it.

Happy hydrating!

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  1. I try to drink 1/2 of my body weight. I absolutely hate it sometimes, but it does wonders for my skin and my body. I love your blog and your beautiful pictures! Do you have a button? I would love to exchange buttons with you! I just gave you a follow!



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