Friday, March 14, 2014

a guest post from my mom: healthy living // stress

I would like to introduce you to my sweet mom, Lana.  She agreed to do a guest post on the blog for my healthy living series.  She is a clinical social worker and provides counseling in all different areas to all kinds of different people.  So when it comes to coping with stress she's usually my go to.  Since she's a professional I thought she could shed some light on how we all can deal with stress a little better in our lives.  It is a must have for healthy living. 

I thought it would be fun to try an acrostic with the word STRESSED instead of writing paragraphs about what most of us already know when it comes to dealing with stress. 
See what you think...

Sleep - You aren't your best for yourself or for others when you are sleep deprived.  Know how much sleep you need and check in - Am I sleeping enough?

Tea - My answer to the need for short breaks during the day - yours may be different!  It's OK  to stop what I'm doing for 15 minutes, relax, enjoy, and think on something mindless, and then I am    ready to tackle what ever is in front of me.  Where and how are you building breaks into your day?

Relax - Know what is "just for fun" in your life and make time for it.

Emotions - Do you get anxious, depressed, or irritable when you are stressed?  Be aware of the early signs and have a plan for addressing it.  Ask yourself - What will help me regain balance?  Then put your plan into action and remember that sooner is better than later!

Spiritual - Don't forget that we are all spiritual beings.  The God who created the universe knows you, loves you and wants you to know Him.  Join the psalmist who wrote "Be still, and know that I am God".

S - Too many S's - I am not going to "stress out" about it - just going to skip it!  You can do that you know.

Exercise - You don't have to go to the boot camp exercise class but you do need to move your body through space - your heart will thank you, your brain will thank you, and all the muscles that are tense with stress will thank you.

Diet - If this is a challenging area for you,  keep it simple.  Ask yourself - Where in my day is the protein?, the water?, and conversely - Where in my day is the sugar?, the caffeine?, the alcohol?

     Hopefully this acrostic doesn't stress you out, we all do some things better than others at different times in our lives.  So pick one thing to try differently -  make a small change, but do it very often.  Before you know it you will be reminding yourself to do it because it makes you feel so much better!

Isn't she just the cutest?!  Thanks mom for shining some light on easy changes we can make in our daily lives!  How do you all deal with stress in a healthy way?

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  1. SO cute. And this is great for me as my schedule as of late has made me stressed... I can always use a reminder of how to stay more balanced!!


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