Thursday, March 20, 2014

think spring

Today is the first day of spring.  Thank God.  About mid February I was really over winter.  My soul hurt from the snow storms and brutally cold days.  Not to mention we had quite a few days that were 50 degrees and sunny and then just like that it would be snowing again.  New England you are such a tease.  Those few warm days made me officially ready for nicer weather.  I want to trade my boots for flip flops and spend entire hot summer days at the beach.  You hear that winter?  No more of you.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons; watching the cold dark winter melt away to flowers and green grass.  New England usually has a muddy spring {especially with sweet Millie} but I'll take mud over ice any day.  So here's hoping that spring is on it's way.  Until then Trader Joe's is going to get a weekly visit from me in order to fill my little apartment with fresh flowers.

Happy first day of spring!


  1. I love Trader Joe's and the flowers you got from there are beautiful! Thanks and hope you had a wonderful first day of spring!


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