Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY mustache mugs

About a month ago my cousin and her sweet hubby had their wedding reception.  They had gotten hitched in the fall and waited on having a party until February.  Such a fabulous idea...all the wedding pressure is off and you can just enjoy and have fun.  They had a mustache theme and A LOT of cupcakes.  Cupcakes for wedding favors!  Amen!

When it came time to pick a gift out for these two love birds, Dan and I got a few things off the registry.  But I also decided to stick with the theme and make them mustache mugs.  

DIY Mustache Mugs

what you need:
a mustache stencil or template

Make sure the mug you are using for this project is clean.  I popped mine in the dishwasher and then cleaned the spot I was going to draw my mustache on with alcohol.  Tape your stencil to your mug and then trace the stencil with the sharpie.  Once you have traced the design you can start filling in your mustache with the sharpie.  When you are happy with your mustache, heat your oven to 350F and place the mug in the oven for 30 minutes.  Let the mugs cool before you take them out.

They ended up coming out great!  I few tips for those of you who might give this a try.  I would do at least two coats of marker before cooking your mug.  Also if you are worried about putting the mugs in the oven, you can always place the mugs in the oven while it's heating up and once it gets to the desired temperature cook them for 30 minutes.
Happy 1st day of April!


  1. That's a really cute idea and awesome that you stuck with the wedding theme. I hope they liked them! Thanks for sharing, it's creative and inspiration for lots of DIY ideas!

    1. Thanks Bre! I couldn't help myself when they said the party was going to be mustache theme....I wore a fake mustache all night!

      Hopefully soon I will get my act together and post some other DIYs.


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