Wednesday, April 16, 2014

everyday is a gift

life is a gift. wake up everyday and realize that.

March was a hectic month with crappy weather and some tough life lessons, so when April rolled around it was like a breath of fresh air.  Not only did it feel like a new beginning but the weather instantly got warmer.  Amen!  Even with all the muddy paw prints that have been making their way through my house {thanks Millie}, I can't complain about spring.  April brought a new perspective, as a change of season will do, and I was reminded that I need to treat each day as a gift.

Life can change in a instant and we certainly don't know what is going to happen in the future.  Speaking from my small amount of life experience I can at least say that each day brings something new and everyday we should be thankful for the time at hand.  Dan and I always remind each other not to complain too much about a bad day because right around the corner there could be something really beautiful or really tragic.  Most of the time I float on with life, doing the same things everyday but sometimes something happens that jerks me back into reality and reminds me to appreciate everyday a little more.

I need to do more in love. 
I need to be more kind, more often. 
I need to forgive and forget.
And I need to more than thankful of the days I have been given. 


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  1. Girl, I really needed this today.... Thank you.
    ~Kendra K.


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