Wednesday, May 7, 2014

mercy for mamas

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend with my mom at a woman's retreat, Hearts in Harmony.  It was a day and a half music, speakers, food, and good conversation.  I was able to hear wonderful speakers talk about their walk in life and what has lead them to where they are now.  It's always so inspiring to hear someone else's story.

One of my favorite speakers was Melissa, the founder of Mercy for Mamas.  I wish you all could have heard her tell the story of meeting their daughter Mercy in Uganda {you can read a little about it here}, it was a one in a million kind of story.  But Melissa didn't just stop at adopting Mercy, she started an organization to help Ugandan women delivery babies safely.  With just a $7 donation, Mercy for Mammas is able to give a pregnant woman in Uganda a "mama kit" that they can bring with them to the hospital.  Without the supplies in the "mama kit" hospitals will not see or help pregnant woman have a safe and healthy delivery.  These kits are saving both the lives of mamas and babies.

So since mother's day is right around the corner I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share Mercy for Mamas with you.  It is a wonderful way to help the mamas of Uganda.  And if your looking for a way to honor you mother on mother's day, think about making a donation in her name to Mercy for Mamas or buy a piece of beautiful jewelry made by Ugandan woman.  All of the money goes to buying and distributing mama kits to the woman in need. 

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  1. It was so inspiring, and I love when something simple can be so life changing!


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