A little about me...

Hello there, I'm Rachel.  Fancy meeting you here.
 You have found my little space of inspiration and all things in between.

a little about me...

I live in the Boston area with my husband, two cats, and our sweet dog {yes we are out numbered!}.
 And before that?  Well I was born and raised in Maine and lived in Hawai'i {Oahu to be exact} while getting my college degree.  Now I have found myself back on the east coast just living the dream...

I absolutely insist on enjoying life.
I am a food and wine enthusiast.
A daydreamer.
I am terrified of heights.   
I love to travel and hope to travel more.  
I always have a book I am reading, a magazine I am flipping through, or a journal I am writing in.  
I am a vet tech by day and yoga instructor by night.
I love coffee, especially when I can drink it in coffee shops.
I love old things I can turn into something new.
I am a wild child at heart.
I love the ocean and I spend at least one day a week saving the North Atlantic Right whales or helping out with all the other fun creatures under the sea.
I hate clutter. 
I love to paint, craft, and wrap presents.  
I love to sweat, stretch, and get my heart pumping. 
I am not very organized but I can usually find what I am looking for.

Have a question?
Email me rachel.e.clough@gmail.com

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